DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



That’s Brussels silly


Good excuse for train beers.


The fact at I could get for £2 at Morrison’s is pretty mental still though


Why would anyone want lumps of butter with their beer?


They do it in Morrisons now?!


Bulletproof beer.


Yeah, at least in the big one near me. They’ve got a pretty great selection, though I would say this is the most “out there” one they sell


? plus?


Bought this for beer advent xee


Yeh phones being shit. Bought the tool beer calender for bunse


Pretty sure they don’t have it in mine… They stopped doing that Bad Co NEIPA too.

Off to watch Champions League at By The Horns in Wimbledon in a bit, a brewery that seemed to have turned it around a bit IMO.


Other half glass everyone


speaking of other half


Yeah saw this. Looks boss. Shame I’m working


Yeah saw that but they don’t travel well obviously :wink:






I’ll be there on the Friday night… however, that tap list absolutely terrifies me. Only ONE beer under 8%?!


Few bits to add to the Xmas stash.


When they’re £5+ for a third, I’d rather they were stronger