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Anyone know how long craft beer keeps for?

All the cans and bottles say drink fresh, and I guess flavours do change over time if you leave them. I’m just wondering if I should make a concerted effort to drink everything in the fridge before I go away for a month, or if I should be focussing on the cans or vice versa, or whether I should just chill the fuck out and not worry about it.


eh, anything that’s going to be really very super hoppy I’d see to, but anything else should be fine, really. especially if they’re in the fridge :man_shrugging:

might get some good #opinions here


focussing on the cans over the bottles or vice versa



Probably wouldn’t worry about it too much. I have a habit of buying loads of stuff when I’m in Edinburgh and leaving it in the fridge for months (really winds up my partner) and it’s always fine.

Had a bottle of that Tempest alligator man DIPA that was about three months past the use by when I got to it, and I’m still here (best I can tell)


Better to be safe than sorry IMO.


Get any dipas or hop forward ones drank.
Most other things get better with a bit of age


Cans will last better than bottles as there’s no light getting in,

As others have said, the “drink fresh” generally applies to IPAs and other hippy things as the hops fade and leave them a bit malty.

Stouts, porters, sours etc will be absolutely fine for a month




Can anyone recommend a decent beer wanker place in Camden?


Rarely up that way there aside from gigs, but the The Black Heart usually has some nice stuff on so has become our default meeting place. Right near the station.


Christ that’s an awful photo. Thornbridge Coco Cocoa if you couldn’t tell.


Perfect. Thank you. It’s just for a couple before a gig.


Ooh! How is it?

I think that’s in a Thornbridge "Discovery "box I’ve been tempted to pick up in Tesco for ages. If it’s good it’ll probably tip me over into buying it.


Wish my Tesco had those!

Picked up th cocoa wonderland in Waitrose a few weeks ago, was really nice.


@guntrip really similar to Cocoa Wonderland, but got a definite porter taste to it. There’s a nice coconut edge that compliments the porter taste


enjoying the juxtaposition with the baby food here.


Welcome to my life. Was drinking this whilst feeding her baby food.


An update


Currently drinking Unbarred New Zealand India Pale Ale - “a big sexy hop bomb” according to the can


Bought this from the great @blind_pilot today! Atom Brewery’s Heaven Hill barrel aged Neutron Star. Probably the prettiest bottle ever.