DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Enjoy mate, and let me know how it is!


I got excited because I got Bison’s email which said about a Northern Monk / Verdant collab. Then I looked it up and saw that it was a sour.


Is that beer shop in Sanderstead still worth a visit? Might be down that way tomorrow.


My box has been delivered to my neighbor. Out tonight though so will have to see what I’ve got tomorrow.


I got an email off them yesterday saying my box had been damaged, so they’ve held it back to pack me a new one. I just want my lovely beer.


Thats annoying ,at least they are doing something about it. Just seen another message from them saying that some boxes have got the wrong beers in.


Just picked mine up, the right beers but a little disappointed there’s only 3 patrons projects and 6 cores. Still by no means bad value mind


Tool beer calendar arrived!


Had a pistachio and honeycomb stout by left handed giant the other day, was bloody delicious!


Is it the Yeast 2018 from the new edition of the Trilogy beers? Me wants


Reckon so


Oh man, I bet that’ll be incredible!

Got a bottle of their 200 batch celebration edition about 18 months ago and still haven’t had it. Thinking I might crack it on Christmas day.

Label’s gone all wrinkly.


Got some beers in!


It’s this:


Payday beer haul!


This is nice


Some farmhouse ipas aren’t that sour and are even enjoyable.


Having a can of this right now and I can confirm that it is truly delicious.

Which is a relief, because I just had some Gun Milk Stout in the pub and it was horrible.


Yeah this was great. Ended up chatting shit to the guy pouring it at dark city cause both my local bottle shops didn’t stock it. Haven’t had a bad stout from LHG and they’ve just released a cinnamon and maple boy…