DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



That SPA is bloody lovely


Had my first unbarred breweey beer last night, chai latte. Pretty pretty good, couldn’t drink too many of them but it delivered it’s remit of of tasting like chai.


It’s amazing on cask


Day 1 of beerhhawk advent


I’m away for the weekend, spoiled myself on that like a chump.


Haha. Spoiler tagged it for you as well :joy:


Big beer Saturday


Been past two beer shops today but The Child can’t be trusted to handle bottles of imperial stout carefully so had to keep walking.


Went to De Garre in Bruges today but it was closed so I just bought a big bag of cans instead.


So I’ve gotta get that


Ah that sucks


This month’s mikkeller box has Heady Topper, Focal Banger and the Crusher in it :astonished::grinning:


Wankers, I’m now a patron wanker. Gonna email to ask for No lactose ones, otherwise @keith will be getting some serious hand me downs.


cc @JaguarPirate @Witches and anyone else in Edinburgh

High Spirits in Dalry has Yellow Belly (£8 a bottle tho :grimacing:)


It’s £8 at Buxton, so not terrible really


Checking in. Definitely not Cloudwater in a Brewdog glass.


Got a blueberry muffin stout. Interesting, certainly smells/tastes of blueberry. Does have a tiny hint of pale ale about it, not quite viscose enough for me.


Which one?

Also may try and do a @keith and give the beer up after xmas. Tend to drink out of habit more than enjoyment and that’s not healthy


Electric Bear (never heard of em) You Ain’t Seen Muffin Yet.

It’s actually growing on me.


From Bath. Decent brewery. They do a beer called Werrrd, which is lovely, and a stout called Mochachocolata Ya Ya which was ok actually