DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



*Viscous, fantastic autocorrect there


Werrrd is ace as is this porter they do:


They do some snappy names. The “Big Up” single hop series were good too.


Aha yeah I won’t lie, it was the name that drew me to the above! It’s nothing fancy but man oh man does it hit all those autumnal porter needs. Just the right amount of coffee / chocolate notes.

Not seen too much else by them but will keep an eye for those. The brewery is only across the channel so the odd barrel seems to be on fairly regularly.


The founders cbs is great.


Nice way of breaking a habit. I’ve also lost about 3lbs doing less exercise than normal too.


Had two beers last night at DiS’s favourite Glasgow nightspot.

A lovely pint of Joker IPA was first.

The guy at the bar told my brother they’d run out of Joker for the second round, and recommended a very similar drink instead - a can of Innis & Gunn lager beer.


Day 2 of beerhawk


Didn’t click on this one!!! Go me


I’ve calmed down a bit now since my initial reading of this.


Really like that Loka Polly. Feel they’re perhaps a little underrated.


They clearly pegged my brother for a tourist but I’m quite annoyed that someone working behind a bar would pull that bullshit.


Met up with a few mates in town last night. Ended up in Passyunk Ave for a bite to eat and sank a few pints of Mondo’s ALL CAPS Pilsner. So bloody nice. Have a pint if you see it on.


Custom beer advent calendar! Was going for the 12 days of Christmas but then thought why not get a bakers dozen in case one is a let down …


Big bottle is an LHG collab BA pomegranate saison, probably the one I’m most excited for!


I had one of those imperial biscotti ones, great fun.


popped into the Harvey’s pub in Borough earlier on my way the Royal Festival Hall - i know a few of you are big fans in this thread but i think i had my first pint of theirs in the last month or so! anyway having a pint of their Best on a sunday afternoon was a lovely little excursion - one of my favourites currently, along with a pint of Landlord it’s a perfect winter pint.


Harvey’s Best is a stonecoly classic British beer. One of the things I love about being on the south coast is who readily available it is. If you see it around, Bonfire Boy is bloody amazing too.


Royal Oak?


Their Christmas Ale is also brilliant, and Olympia / Gold Bier (essentially the same beer, but slightly different recipes because it behaves differently in bottles and cans, as told to me by the guys in the brewery shop) is a fantastic summer drink.

But yeah - Harveys Best is just that. Not craft beer in the slightest, but a great example of how good an ale can be.