DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Fantastic pub. Used to work 60 seconds away, and would go there at every opportunity. The Harvey’s Best is wonderful.


Had the Dugges Banana toffee chocolate impy stout last night
Tasted like chocolate covered banana toffos. Amazing scenes


I saw that in the pic and was going to ask what it was like. That combination in a beer could have either been brilliant or terrible.


Yes, easy to forget how nice it is. In London, you only seem to see in on in decent pubs which probably helps. Had a pint of it at the Three Kings in Clerkenwell the other week and it was in ‘lovely condition’.


they often have it on at The Best Pub In London, the Blythe Hill Tavern :heart:


Still not been there. Looks like a place that looks after its ale though.


It was shit. Not worth the trip :wink:


Speaking of cask ale, this just popped up on my Twitter feed. Same topic seems to be getting rehashed by lots of beer writers at the moment, but his comment about ‘sparklers’ interested me.

“Every British person has an opinion on it, and they all differ”

I’ll be honest - i’d not really heard of them before and I’ve been drinking cask ale since I’ve drunk beer pretty much. Had seen them on pumps but didn’t know they had a name or what they did. Have I just been an ignorant barbarian these past 20 years, and everyone knew apart from me?



I’m vaguely aware of them - the beer is poured through some kind of device to give beer more head - Northern ales traditionally have more head, but you know what these Camra purists are like - any deviation to try and improve flavour or appearance and they decide that it’s the devil’s work.

From my perspective, the brewer should decide how a pint should be served, in the same way a chef decides how food is served (and how it’s offensive in some establishments to ask for condiments). And if the brewer decides it should be pulled through a sparkler, or is best served in a tall glass, or 2/3 pint measures or whatever, that’s how you should try and have it.

I think the “Every British Person” thing comes from the fact that Camra members are so blinkered they have no comprehension that there’s a world out there where people don’t wear aran jumpers, cultivate beards and live in the 1970s.


Agree, but how would you know (as a punter)? Or do brewers ship beer with them and tell pubs to use them? A few Google searches tells me they’re a bit of a northern thing.


nah i read that article this morning and googled sparklers straight away. saw a comment on a messageboard that said they live ‘north of the sparkler border’ - genuinely had no idea there was any kind of geographic divide and have just seen them randomly used in pubs i worked in over the years with no real reasoning/consistency


Maybe i’ll start carrying one. If I order a cask ale, I’ll check the location of the brewery. Anywhere north of Burton and I’ll reach into my blazer pocket and ask the barkeep to affix it to his pump.


Feeling massive regret at not getting the hoptimism advent


Don’t even want to know how much this costs


£125 which seems a bargain unless there 22 cans of fosters left


That’s a huge bargain in that case


Statement from the other party in the Yellow Belly thing



Kind of weird because I think most northern people just think beers in London don’t have a head because they’re pulled different/wrong

Never heard of a sparkler before that.


This looks like a really good deal?


Nm said they won’t swap out the lactose ones so might cancel :frowning: