DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I’m surprised! Seems like something a modern brewery should be pretty open to


Yeah, also, put some money into their crowdcube thing so a bit pissed off. Actually, looked at FAQ and the response is word for word what is in there.

Says each box is ‘carefully selected’. Well, it isn’t really, is it. Will respond in a day or so when I’m calmer.


That is amazingly poor service


Yeah currently reading their about us section for stuff to throw in their face, mentions ‘respect for humanity’. And the ones they’d be swapping in are likely to be cheaper ones.


Just find that mad that they can’t make a selection of ‘made without’ choices. Maybe they think it’ll offer less of a choice in the long run.


Doubt any boxes would allow swap outs. Mikkeller didn’t when I was in it.


That’s really weak.

Except great for me…


Fuck them too then :slight_smile:


Might just save them up and have a milky beer bath with them instead.


Create your own patron box and charge 4x the price


Back in London so: Day 3 of Beerhawk

Can I be bothered with all the prize draws?


just finished off my 12 days of christmas box - me, @DJRoomba and a few other guys are swapping boxes at random with a budget of (min.) £40 each

my box is, i must say, a fucking belter

will post the list in here on xmas day…


Does anyone have any codes for free delivery from any of the good online shops? I’m sure there used to be a few floating around before, really want to get hold of some of the Omni stuff that’s not in the local shops


Day 4

Drinking this one now. Well nice. Entered the competition today cos they’ve giving away tickets to some festival.


After all that yesterday accidentally bought 2 beers with lactose on today. :man_facepalming:

In my defence they were in an pffy where the beer is behind a cage


Midweek selection.

So far: Law of Duality 9/10, Marshmallow Porter 2/10.


Left Handed Giant you cheeky qunts


how was it?


If he says anything positive I’m ordering two cans asap


It was nice, although the cinnamon was a little separate from the rest of the flavours and the whole thing was perhaps a touch too thin. 6/10.