DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Just the one then @jaguarpirate?


Day 5

Dependable choice, pretty tasty still.


Has anyone had Siren’s Caribbean Chocolate Cake before? I chose to go to a sour night instead of the launch of their fifth anniversary batch, with bonus ginger, double and barrel aged versions. Think I might have chosen poorly :grimacing:


I’m going to one of those siren nights tonight.

Having had previous versions, you probably have chosen poorly. Depends on the sours you’re getting though I suppose


Off to a Burning Sky meet the brewer thing tonight with @DJRoomba. Expect updates.


They were good but I have a hankering for a real sweet stout now - just had a very average 5% cookie stout that did not hit the spot haha

Also report back, on the ginger one especially please!


No but my girlfriend had it last time it was around and said it was “well nice”.

Also if you see their Accept All Cookies milk stout pick that up, it is - again - well nice.


Is a lovely stout


Touch too sweet for me tbh, half of a third was all I could handle

Also just had the Br****g Radio Zombie Phone In - crazy drinkable for a 14% stout but also so so sweet


Original is better than I remember, really chocolaty

Barrel aged: not as good as original (still good though)


Seems to be a thing with siren BA stuff. Almost as if barrell ageing takes some of the original flavours away from the beer



Lol at posting that much text on a platform primarily designed for use on mobile phones



Maybe that’s how they’ve been communicating with Batemans


Slightly more readable version here


Passive aggressive much


No way to talk about @guntrip mate


Beer is good. I like beer. This is a good beer.


Very much this - found the barrel aging added a really harsh, almost astringent bitterness that did nothing for the flavour of the beer. I generally find that adjunct stouts don’t really benefit from time in the barrel - the standard version of Omnipollo’s Noa is also far superior to any of the barrel aged versions.

Currently drinking a Vibrant Forest Pupa - very nice session strength hazy pale. Had never had one of their beers before and this is a very good introduction!


Did I have this this year?

It was one of the best, whatever year it was.