DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



They do some incredible imp stouts. Generally a very good brewery. Bubbling under atm.


I’ve heard the name mentioned a bunch of times but it was the can that caught my eye - it’s a very cool design. Will check out one of the impy stouts next…


Umbral Abyss and Bourbon Oktober are great. Their hazy IPAs are decent. Kaleidoscope is very good and their single hop series is good too. They’ve had a rebrand, and it looks sharp.


Day 6

Enjoying this box so far.

Plus the competitions that go along with it are ridiculous. Yesterday you could brew something with Fourpure, today is this


Caribbean chocolate cake update

Death by: very nice, boozy but not too boozy

Ginger: good, the ginger is more prominent on the nose, it doesn’t overpower the beer like some ginger beers


Ughhh jealous. Will buy a bottle of Caribbean to at least feel woke engagement


Will the place you could have gone to not have them on tomorrow?


Possibly! Will be going there tomorrow for pre drinks if so (7% stouts is clearly how you want to start a night off after all…)


Thirds of all is doable I think



You in a jazz bar?


I wish


Never had a Yellow Belly, am I banned from this club?


The “last” one is up on the Buxton shop, if you want to join


Went to the new cloudwater place last night and it was really nice and not busy at all. Everyone in there yesterday had a seat.
Had a fantastic barrel aged IPA and a really good Blackberry sour.

Ordered the Siren black friday box posted further up this thread and DHL failed to deliver it and it is now back with Siren. Have asked as its back there if they can include one of each of the Caribbean Chocolate ones and I’ll pay the extra. So fingers crossed I get to try them.




In vocations new place in Leeds. Assembly Underground

Just the 50 taps and a food hall


update: got very drunk. gbol, burning sky.


Full tap list for the lads


Whereabouts in Leeds is this? I’m there tomorrow


Great George Street. Behind the town hall next door to almost famous. It down some stairs and in a basement