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Yeah, that one’s pretty shite TBF.


Like @McGarnagle Yellow Belly Sundae was the first (and only) 5* I gave on on Untappd.

Is that a new 2018 beer?

If not my best rated ones from this year were LDS MCR NCL (North, Track, Wylam) and Birthday Balloon (Cloudwater), DIPA V3 2018 (Cloudwater), Original Double Vanilla Ice Cream IIPA (Omnipollo, Buxton) and Patrons Project 10.04 Lemon, Lime and Coffee Berliner Weisse (Northern Monk, North Star Coffee)


Northern monk - infinity vortex I reckon, after 2 and a bit years of juicy IPAs, to produce a “WOW!” one is some going


Yeah, this is mine. Totally brilliant beer.


FAO @thewarn

Verdant - Even Sharks Need Water (6.5%)
Vibrant Forest - Deluge mosaic DIPA (8%)
Straffe Hendrik - Quadrupel (11%)
Schneider Weisse - Mein Aventinus TAP 6 (8.2%)
Rochefort 10 (11.3%)
St Bernardus 12 (10%)
La Trappe - Quadrupel (10%)
Verdant - Photon Trails Simcoe and HBC431 (5.2%)
(Not pictured 4 x Vocation Life and Death)

@xylo bring it

Will make a large dent into these tonight

@friendofthenight this Vibrant Forest can is a beaut


No, but I think any beer can be your beer of the year, regardless.

Aside from Infinity Vortex, I gave 5* to Burning Sky/3 Floyds - Out From The Void (Smashed my teku so only had about a ⅓ of a bottle :frowning:) and Magic Rock - Unhuman Cannonball.

Gave 4.75* to Magic Rock - Neo Human Cannonball, Burning Sky - Coolship #1 and Saison Anniversaire and Northern Monk - Celestial Motion

Good year for beer.



4 ***** beers for safebruv this year

Northern monk - infinity vortex
Fieldwork - king citra
Omnipollo -toast e coilz
Dugges - banana toffee chocolate

Let’s give King Citra the crown as fieldwork we’re new to me


Fieldwork from Berkley? I went there in the summer! Amazing if you can get their beers here now


Had it at Leeds international beer fest


Brewery of the year, I’d give to Ebertoft.

Never heard of them before, bur their beers were amazing


Got too twatted to remember the Bruery stout :woozy_face: Waste of £11


Beers of the Year

3 x 4.75 ratings
Cloudwater - Chubbles
Magic Rock - Neo-Human Cannonball
North Brewing x Het Uiltje - Triple IPA


Chubbles :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Went to the moor place in Bristol tonight. Had the whiskey aged imperial stout which was pretty ruddy great, but their whole range is good stuff.


Guess this was aimed at me? Sorry I missed it. It’s not as good as it used to be, their branch in central croydon has a far bigger selection.


This was… fine, I guess.

So far had two out of three of the NM 2018 Trilogy and they’ve both been decent but not great, which has made them pretty disappointing in reality.

Its up to ‘YEAST’ to rescue the endeavour from being more than an expensive liquid shrug.


Narrator: It won’t


Beers of the years

Mikkeller Flat White Blueberry
Speedway Stout Jamaican Blue
Vault City Tropical Sour

:beers: :ok_hand:

Infinity Vortex was v tasty but didn’t get quite as much from it as everyone else seemed to.


not on untapped so can never remember what I’ve had. that said, I’ve not stopped thinking about infinity vortex since I had it so that’s probs my beer of the year