DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Bought this with the intention of saving it to have with Christmas dinner, but if I was going to save it why did I put it in the fridge?!

Pretty tasty IPA that.


Depends on the beer (nothing is a pint)




I think it’s £3 for everything at the Manchester one


Just shipped a mixed 6 pack of DEYA back to my parents’ house for Christmas :sunglasses:


Local Beer Swap Shop (e.g. every so often, thinking maybe quarterly, 2 people get paired with someone and send each other local beers)

  • I would be interested
  • I would not be interested

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My #1 of the year now in extraordinarily expensive barrel-aged version.

£10 for a 375ml.



Was chatting about these the other week with the local bottleshop owner.

He said “they’ll be half the size of last year but 2/3rds of the cost”

Bang on Jonny, bang on


Managed to crack one of my growlers today
No idea how that happened??


My CC one smashed, from falling over on my drying rack. Think they’re just cheap.


I might see if they will replace it for me but seems a bit cheeky?


No harm asking :man_shrugging:


alright @Leeds wankers, where’s decent to go on a Sunday? Gonna go NM and the new Vocation place already. Thanks.


North and their many taprooms


Did you manage to find that 18% one in Brighton?






Turks Head


And fluttering my eyelashes/having a little cry saying “i’ve ruined christmas!!”

got it.


gonna make my first trip to the ‘bermo juice bar’ in a bit and finish working from there (hopefully do zero work)

looking forward to some tasty, absurdly yellow joose