DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I am weak and broke.


not had any joose yet but the Cloudwater Helles is very good innit


Few bits and bobs for Xmas day at my brother in laws. Drew him in the family Secret Santa and bought him some teku and tulip glasses which I reckon he’ll be chuffed with.

Also heading to Drink of Fulham on the 23rd to pick up 100 samosas so will undoubtedly end up adding to that.


Beers of the Year

  1. Evil Twin - Every Day Once A Day…
  2. BBNo - DDH IPA Number One
  3. Fierce - Coconut VBM




BBNo have been so good this year


LOVED the Accept All Cookies. Saw a bottle in an Oddbins the other day and tempted to go back for it, even though…

I’ve got a ridiculous pile of beers for Xmas. Loads of random ones, (soon to be) two Northern Monk PP boxes, plus I’ve been sticking a tenner a week away for christmas food and drink for the last three months. Gonna die.


The Dark City imperial stout was tremendous on draft - have a can in one of the beer cupboards at home but haven’t cracked it yet…


My brother in law is hosting and pretty much sorting the food which is making it really easy to justify spending big on beers. :grimacing:


Cracking beer to celebrate my new flat

Also just had a few beers from The Beuery on tap - their 11% Wether weizenbock was absolutely delicious.


Angry people on Facebook still getting angry about their Patrons Project boxes

(There’s also lots of people saying nice things)


Oh not a Verdant beer, waaah.


What a weird rant. My box turned up this morning. I’m really chuffed about the unexpected Verdant.


I live verdant





Saw someone else complaining about the Verdant, “it’s not even a collab!”

Beats another can of New world ffs


Weird argument about how they’d consider just spending the money on buying their own hand picked beer. Like, that’s always going to work out better basically? Boxes are just for ease/if you want to support a particular place to my mind, there’s always compromises with them


seems like they’re just annoyed that they’re not getting £50 worth of beer for £30, which as you say isn’t really the point


“I didn’t get almost double what I paid for? OUTRAGED”