DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Reckon this lot should do me for a few nights at my parents…


Jesus that’s a haul


I wasn’t expecting the patrons box before Christmas, so stockpiled the mikkeller box and some other goodies, don’t know where to start now :joy:


Did favourite plum porter in the red paper.



Where did you get the Buxton can from?


From Buxton’s site, it was a few weeks ago now though


bar wanker story:

I hate asking to taste things cause I get a bit anxious but I’d already had a pint I didnt really like so next time asked to taste something. it was absolutely not what it should have been like and I made a really exaggerated “I dont like it” face and the bar man thought I was just being a child, and I had to really insist that he’d probably poured me he wrong one, and his supervisor came over and it turned out it was the wrong one :sunglasses:

also has anyone actually realised how weird beer shops are? I’m just having a look stop staring at me, I’m probably not going to shoplift anything.


Omg have you been to Bottlecave in Sydenham? It’s tiny and really awkward if you’re the only person in there. Last weekend the bloke working there was literally just staring at me having a browse. I’ll never go back.


it’s what I had in mind when posting this

it was a woman working when I went in too so didnt get the patronising man vibes I normally get in those places but it was just really weird being watched


Just had a Michael Jackson recommended stout.


I went in one yesterday that do their own brewed beers giftset. And straight away they asked if they could help and I was like ‘Nah, I’m just gonna pick up a couple of giftsets’ they then spent ages explaining what was in them whilst I’m stood there thinking ‘yeah I know that’s why I’m here’

Still like 'em though.


Gone through the various bits I’ve accumulated over the past month or so on various little trips and my Xmas stock is fully wankerfied.

Plus four others in the fridge for tonight.

Merry Xmas all.

Saturday thread! (22/12/18)

Really want some wanker beers for Xmas, gots no money, so will make do with a case of Estrella


I’ve got a box of Stellas coming


Gonna be a good Christmas


Not really


They never are


Tonight, includes a couple from @rich-t’s zone of influence that I picked up a couple of weeks ago at a pop up at the Football Club.

Ruby ale is lovely.


Couple of good breweries up that way (siren excluded, it’s only 10 miles from Basingstoke). Andwell and Longdog. Never heard of the Beer Brothers mind.


No, I picked those up cheap in a discount basket in the Mad Squirrel brewery room in Berkhamsted. The couple of Andwells I had the other week were very decent.