DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Makes sense now


lovely beer this


My patrons boxes go to my girlfriend’s in Edinburgh, she’s away this weekend and I’m only heading up today, so I was really concerned I was going to have to spend tomorrow morning going to the parcel fire depot, which is obviously on a depressing industrial estate. BUT lo, a neighbour took it in. A minor Christmas miracle.

Now I can spend tomorrow morning going to a nice beer shop in a nice part of the city :beers:


Don’t think there’s a beer shop up Arthur’s seat.


Quite a few in Glasgow though…


Most likely gonna go to Cornelius on Easter Road, soit was actually a pretty bold lie


Christ, haven’t even done a beer wanker shop yet, this is just stuff I’ve accumulated over the last few months

Not pictured: two complete Patrons boxes, a bottle of Yellow Belly, a bottle of that Pilot red wine imperial saison, probably some other stuff :expressionless:


I was about to head for the train home and what have they got in The Southwark Tavern?

Only Broken Dream on draft. I’ll get the next train.


You could open a shop with that! Well, almost.


I’m almost jealous


A couple of nice beers I’ve kept aside for Christmas, one per night. Sadly I think I’m getting a cold :scream:


Is that Okie by Prairie?


Pekan. Bloody love Prairie.


Welcome back. (I know you’re not really back)


Took this round a mate’s for a post dinner beer last night after keeping it for about 18 months until a suitable occasion presented itself.

Turned out to be pretty shit. Thin and watery and with distinct bovril undertones. :confused:


Went Leeds. Went Northern Monk, went North Brew Co, went Assembly Underground.

Now going to be sick.


Very jealous of all these Christmas selections. Have the latest Northern monk box and a few other bits waiting for me at home but up with the girlfriends family for Christmas.

Which UK cities are the best for beer? All the northern ones look great. Should be having a stag do at some point next year and it seems like the perfect excuse to go somewhere and get some nice beers.


Not done loads, but Manchester is great every time I’ve been. York is lovely but depends on what kind of stag you have in mind. Can’t see it being very stag friendly. We were on the cusp of going to Leeds which looks great. London is brilliant but quite spread out.


Manchester, Leeds (and Huddersfield for Magic Rock), Newcastle, York


Thanks @CHAIRMAN_LMAO and @rich-t , was thinking Manchester, I’ve never been and it looks great. Don’t want anything huge, just to go and enjoy some nice beers. Hadn’t thought about Huddersfield but Magic Rock are great.