DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



You could tie Huddersfield in with Leeds, or a standalone thing. One of @safebruv’s favourite pubs is in Huddersfield.

I’m planning on doing similar. But maybe in Brugge


Manchester, Huddersfield and Leeds is a great weekend right there

Huddersfield is small but has a few fantastic places (magic rock, the Grove and arcade for starters)

I think Manchester just shades it over Leeds but they are both brilliant.

I need to get myself to York


Just nipped into the local near my parents house

They’ve got the Buxton Anglo Belguique IPA on keg.

£4.50 a pint!!!

Think I’ve paid best part of that for a half of it before


Stay for a night somewhere.

Start in Manchester, train to Huddersfield is 30 mins get off there for a bit then it’s another 30 mins to Leeds.

Or the other way round.


This Even More Death Imperial Stout (12%) is ludicrously good.

Reckon I’ll be asleep within the hour though.


holy crap, want. @blind_pilot??


I’m on it.


Got a bottle of CW Christmas cake for tomorrow can’t wait.


This was very nice. Only two quid from the discount box in Friends of Ham too


Pretty bored with hazy juice bombs. This is very good though.


Had the sprucey banger collab between northern monk and adnams and, eh




Eh :man_shrugging:t2:


Wondering if the eh was a good or bad eh


Eh means middling to me always at least, eh


Pretty pretty pretty good


Gone into my special stash




So ive not cracked my imp Xmas cake stout… Dunno whether to take it to party or save it for another day.