DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Accept All Cookies - both a touch too sweet and too bitter if I’m honest.


That noble rot is from 2013. Still tastes great


I just had one of them - loved it. Preferred it to the can of Dark City that I had after. I am realising I have a bit of a sweet beer tooth though.


I think I’m a sweet beer man right up until I drink the beer.


Tonight so far…


Yes you are


6 Moretti and 3 Estrella for me :worried:


It could be worse m9


Suppose it could be Carlsberg


Exactly, you could have to choose between carling and fosters


Had it on tap a month or so back - thought it was great. But, I too, am a sweet guy.


merry christmas bw x


Cracked open a 2 year old yellow belly now.


Had a lil Verdant DIPA in a Double Diamond glass earlier. Merry Christmas wankers!


Got a couple of hours to kill in Belfast (City centre) tomorrow late afternoon, any recommendations of somewhere for a quiet solo beer?


I’m back to work tomorrow so decided to end the night with a corker of a beer.


Is that the Cloudwater/To ol one? Cracked that open last Christmas day.Wish I’d saved it to have with friends as everyone thought it was too strong for a beer so stuck to wine. I enjoyed it though.


Yeahhh, really glad I didn’t attempt it after having several other beers/gins and a massive meal

Was gonna use it when my other bro is here but think we are meeting in Leeds now.

Maybe have it as my first drink at NYE


I had it on tap over Easter last year. Guy behind the bar reckon it had changed a lot with 4mths aging. Reckon it’ll be really nice now.


Christmas beer gifts

4 x Andwell Brewery (Basingstoke)
2 x Pilgrim Brewery (Reigate)
6 x Reichenauer Inselbier (Lake Constance, Germany)