DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Nothing crafty, all pretty traditional, but those German ones are intriguing


Recent purchases:

It was first day back at work today so opening the Neptune.


Christma ales of my mum.
Was most looking forward to the little valley but just opened it and its pretty poor.


The Mocha Porter is nice.


Been drinking Stellas all festive season so treated myself today. This is the first Brut IPA I’ve had that hasn’t been shit.


Really not a fan of brut ipas.


Had the Fuerst Wiacek one yesterday that was :ok_hand:


Well yeah same up to now, but I like the idea so I’ve tried a few


Probably had 4 or 5. Not a fan, and doubt that any more will change my mind.


Just had to wait a bit for my sister/niece will they went on the wheel in Leeds before meal, bobbed in Foley’s for a half. Spotted Soup DIPA in tap, say yeah I’ll have a half of that and scoot of the toilet.

As soon as I get back he goes to bar person ‘tell him how much ive just paid for that half’

4.50 never gonna hear the end of this.


Anyone doing Tryanuary this year?



I’m planning on going the other way and cutting right back


Its Dryanuary.


Most of the time I’ll only drink one beer anyway, so no biggie to make it a new one. Last year I found four low alcohol beers for Sunday nights so I wasn’t boozing every night.


Bruts are the best style going don’t even @ me




You like sours though, so we can’t take you serious in here.


Sours are great you maniac


this was one of the best beers I had this year in fairness


330ml bottle and you have tiny hands?

I’m not averse to them, but do think they are majorly overrated