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Fight fight fight


How young and foolish I was three years ago:


got my girlfriend a big bottle of a special port-infused plum porter from titanic brewery for christmas. obviously treated myself to one, too.

they only delivered one and I’ve not heard anything back when chasing up mine. tragedy.


Not even real beer.


Probably closed over Christmas rather than ignoring you


New Years Eve stash


I rarely buy fancy beers anymore. But I just got these for tonight.


Brass castle mind sweeper. 10%. Chances of seeing midnight deteriorating rapidly


Here we

Here we

Here we fucking go


Saving that stella for midnight?


You know it


I’ll be drinking my way through these

Shere Drop @ynot


bloody love a Shere Drop


Great innit


my selection is pretty average tonight in the end - HB&B had been cleared out of basically anything decent between 4.5-6% and I didn’t much fancy a whole evening on the DIPAs. got a few nice ones and will crush a few Estrallas in the meantime - maybe heading the pub later anyway and can come back and smash some port I guess


Had a Flavourly Flamingo Juice a little earlier - can’t get my head around Tropical IPAs

Just opened a Canopy Snapper, a Session IPA, whilst watching Dambusters.


4.2%, much more sensible than my selection


I’m working my way through Newcastle City centre on my Wylam, currently in the split chimp. Happy New year, fellow beer wankers!


I’m starting with a brewery from your way.


Great stuff.