DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Big fan of this can


Just had half a bottle of Prosecco, now about to open a Burnt Mill Galaxy Fog, which I was blown away by when I had it on drafts a few months back so I might as well consider my beer of the year. Then at midnight, maybe the Goose Island BCBS 2017… or just a whisky and straight to bed.


Ridiculous levels of haze. Looks like a half of advocaat and I am here for it.


Had the Xmas cake imperial stout, dont think it’d aged well, tasted like a barleywine.


That Even More Death beer is good. Better than the BA Cloudwater JWB one, which tasted like a fairly average fortified wine.


Got a mix case of Brew York for Xmas and Tonkoko / Imperal Tonkoko have been :heart_eyes:


Remember paying around £5 for a half of Evil Twin’s Imperial Biscotti Break at Craft Beer Co in 2014, hate to think how much it would be now.


The price of Evil Twin cans make my eyes water. There’s plenty of really tasty beer for me to try that’s much more affordable.


A big reason why I prefer 330ml over 440ml+.


Had a few jars of that over Xmas at The Traf in South Wimbledon. Such a good beer - shame you don’t see it in many pubs. Guess Surrey Hills is a pretty small operation though.


Yeah. I live 30 miles from Guildford and very, very rarely see it. The other was the Albury Mild they do. Had far too much of it (maybe 12pts) and stayed up far too late. It was NYE though


Actually, The Traf is the only pub I’ve ever seen it in thinking about it…

We did an NCT trip to Denbies a couple of years ago which I really couldn’t be arsed with. I was thrilled when they wouldn’t let a large group in with buggies and we had to go to the brewery instead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We used to do a beer walk from Guildford to Dorking, stopping at every pub on the way. Shere Drop was on in every pub. Great day.


You know what I am bored of:

[insert name of fun pudding/childish food] stout.

Always seem to just taste of lovely stout.


You mean pastry stouts


I did not know that was what they are called.


Think it was intended as a derogatory term at first but it seemed to stick.


i noticed this before xmas - near impossible to get a ‘normal’ stout/porter that isn’t vanilla/cherry/chilli/maple/some other shite flavoured

EDIT: glanced at that article - i especially dislike the sweet ones


Hey! Brewers!
Leave those stouts alone.

All in all its just another, stout flavour fail


Gone full circle on the sweet stouts. I think the Buxton Omnipollo ones were the turning point. That and the Waitrose near me stocking Wild Beer Millionaire for £2.15. It’s weird as I don’t have a sweet tooth at all and would actively avoid any of those ‘stouts with shite in’. I think they subconsciously remind me of pints of Guinness with Tia Maria in at lockins at the Rose and Crown in Stoke Newington.