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What are the best gluten free beers that people know of? Friend of a friend recently was diagnosed with celiacs but is a big BW, so trying to find the best selection possible.

I know of Buxton’s Steel Cut but most of the others I’ve seen first hand are from less crafty places. Any help appreciated!


Magic Rock Fantasma is an amazing beer which happens to be gluten free. Fairly widely available as these things go too.


Not very good but Caesar agustus/drygate pilsner are both quite common up here and gf

Steely cut is burntmill btw


Duh so it is and CA is probably my fav “basic” beer so worth a mention


All of First Chop’s stuff is GF

Saucery as well


Was gonna say First Chop, only that their beers are a bit meh


CA is down there with Tennents for me.


Anyone bored of sweet stouts needs to get some Wiper & True Milk Shake to remind them how great they can be.


Not had any of their stuff but there’s a GF brewery in Edinburgh now


Had the pilsner and IPA and both are fine.

@JaguarPirate felt like I was forgetting a really obvious one to me last night Kirtkstall - Virtuous is a really good one.

Also you’ve got yer evil brewdog vagabond too.




I’m going to the saturday of that.

I’ve been every year it’s a cracking festival and the beers cheap. So it the ticket.



Yeah id like to go but is always just after ive gone back home after Xmas so never seems worth while doing the trip.


:smiley: reminded from my untappd last night?


Probably, but it’s been on fucking everywhere around leeds/Bradford.


Only just realised there are different versions of photon trails.


The grapes in Liverpool (not the one on Matthew St) really is a total gem. Northern Monk on cask in perfect condition for £3.40 a pint. Unreal


Any bottle shops that’ll still be open or off licenses that sell decent beer around Hackney/Dalston


Gibberish have got back all the mad hatter recipes, and have done a triple nightmare on bold st. It’s sublime


Currently drinking a Ba de Mole - it’s delicious.

Not too sweet and not too spicy - it all tastes very natural too.