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Any of the London lot know if the Royal Oak in Borough is currently open? Currently as in in general, not right this second. Have arranged to meet someone there this evening but then I remembered the discussion upthread about new management.


I was in there on the 13th of Dec.

Pretty sure it’s not closing - just new management. Decent options nearby if it is shut though.


Pretty sure it’s still open, was there the week before Christmas - landlord is retiring but Harveys are keeping it with new management. Actually overheard a lot of gossip in there, but will save that for another time…


Nah, spill it now.


Eh, it wasn’t all that.

Basics was that Harvey’s thinks the place will be a goldmine, but the outgoing rep who happened to be propping up the bar next to me reckoned they were in for a big disappointment, and that the place would lose a lot of custom when the current landlord left. Sounded a bit grim tbh. There was other stuff from the rep but that was a lot more personal!


I think sometimes Harveys think that they’re bigger / more important than they are. For a long time there was a letter from Harveys up behind the bar at the Prince Albert in Brighton showing the price they wanted to charge per barrel (which also had a handwritten note underneath from the landlord of the Prince Albert flagging up that this was significantly more than other brewers were charging per barrel). I think part of it was that Harveys didn’t want to take custom away from the Lord Nelson just a few doors down, but I think the result was that they were losing sales.


I can confirm that the Royal Oak is still open. Mine’s a besht.


Appaz the US government shutdown is stopping new beers coming out there


In Mikkeller in Shoreditch now. S’alright. Drinking a neon raptor endangered porter, which is very nice.


Delicious, the best sour IPA I’ve had yet I think. Nice cherry tartness with just a vanilla hint at the end - great can as per too

Also had a Manual Brewing pale that was fine but sort of meh


Shit I’ve still not been!


It’s pleasant, good people watching, good for solo beer. 20 taps.


Ghost Whale throwing some shade.

Now that 2019 is firmly here and we have all (begrudgingly?) accepted the fact one of the key questions that has been our lips here at Ghost Whale is - what beer styles will rise to prominence this year?

2018 saw the emergence of the Brut IPA - a type of IPA that is dry on the finish, clear, crisp and supposed to mimic some of the characteristics of Champagne. Frankly - none of us here really liked this style - the only one I can remember personally enjoying was by Brussels Beer Project at their taproom. You guys also voted somewhat with your purchasing behaviour - this style didn’t really fly off of our shelves.

I had a few. Wasn’t fussed. Doesn’t really like white wine / “champers” though? I have a Gypsy Hill x Verdant “Fruited Brut IPA” sat in a cupboard though.


Big fat meh from me(h).

I’ll tell you what though. Got a real appreciation for And Union’s Unfiltered Lager. One of the best supermarket beers around.


More straightforward sour this time, don’t get the sweet edge or the hops like I did from yesterday’s. Still nice though


On that topic, guy in the shop today told me he basically considers bruts to be a pyramid scheme as everyone sells them to the shops but then no one ends up buying them so they just have a big overstock they can’t shift.

Which is mad to me since I’ve enjoyed every one I’ve had and some have been among my fav “regular” beers of 2018. Ah well, can’t account for taste


The 'trose up here dont we to stock and union




Yeah a walk through the Meanwood valley trail with the Sunday pale once felt like it saved my life.


Donated… Xmas… trees