DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Delicious wild foraged Christmas trees, don’t ya know! Covered in that extremely flammable no needle drop spray stuff, for a delicious plasticy twist!


With be like Nollaig no? Fine.


The sediment in the bottle is shredded tinsel.


Yeah having some of this myself now. Super tasty, smooth but not as sweet or cloying as this style can sometimes be.



got a couple of theirs in Tesco a few weeks ago and i thought i remember liking this one the best.

got another for tonight and realised it smells horrible, like feet and puke, and it’s put me off it massively. struggling to get through it. wonder if i just got a bad can somehow.


Lads this is fucking ridiculous

Tastes like a minty pina colada


Opened my even more death, pretty good.




Even though i’ve limited myself to less than 1% beers this year, it means I can still enjoy myself out and about. And on Saturday night, I went here!


Where’s that xylo? TR?


Yep their Newport brewery and custom bar setup. Utterly gorgeous


Always looks lovely in their Insta


Must give that a go.

Just back from a few days in Czech Republic and visited a couple of breweries that did unfiltered lagers - both lovely and so, so drinkable. More like helles than pilsner. Hendrych and Krkonošský Medvěd. Not heard of either before.


Aye the brewery bar is a beaut (even if it’s located in an industrial in the middle of nowhere :sweat_smile:)!

Did you get to try their new low ABV Pale?


I picked up a couple of Big Drop 0.5% beers at the weekend (the milk stout and the pale ale). They are, without a doubt, the nicest low alcohol beers that I have ever tasted.


There’s a tiny Rebel/big drop 0.5% imperial stout coming soon, which should be interesting


i did. it’s better than any of the brew dog lows tbh!


where did you pick them up btw?


This place:



If the Big Drop milk stout is anything to go by, the Tiny Rebel collab will be well worth trying.