DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



A brewery in Liverpool, Ad Hop, made a 0.9% impy stout a few years back.

Although knowing those guys it was probably just a mistake


Think their core beers are great, cwtch and the like, but their specials are too whacky for me, and as such, I’ve not had a beer of theirs for almost a year. Went to their pub in Cardiff on a stag in 2017 and that was great mind. Mixed feels on TR


Dutty’s the only one I can stomach, fucking hate all the artificial flavouring and obsession with lactose (and their branding, for that matter)


Yeah pretty much the same


There’s always plenty of guests on in the Cardiff TR bar - in fact if you’re around on Thursday, there’s a Magic Rock tap takeover…


Best Highbury and Islington bar? I’m guessing Hammerton?


I’ll be in Newport!


Fair. You just there for the day? The Newport bar is pretty decent (there’ll deffo will be some guests on - both keg & cask) and easily the best pub in the city.


Playing a gig so not entirely sure how much time/how close I’ll be but my impression was that might be the case


It’s a pretty small city but the bar right by the bus / train station so dead central. Other than TR you’re pretty much limited to Spoons / unfriendly locals pubs. Where are you playing?


Le Pub!


Yeah Hammerton


Looked it up, appears to be around the corner!


Didn’t know they had a pub.

Keep buying their peanut butter milk stout when I go to the Prince Charles, think its really nice.


Oh, not actually been to Le Pub! Heard good things though. Might be free on Thursday so could potentially pop over for your set!


Yeah, I really like that milk stout too. Adrian Chiles also a big fan.

I really flip-flop about all the NA beers and what I like. Sometimes I think anything ‘craft’ is pointless, other times I really like them. What I have found though, is that (like regular beer) I drink things with a stronger flavour more slowly. Last night I got in from work and had 4 cans of Becks Blue - first couple I pretty much downed. Don’t do that with something like the Big Drop milk stout.


Must be frustrating being a brewer at the mo’.

2017 - “We only want 8% DIPAs”
2019 - “Oh - you only have 1 low alcohol offering…”


They need to be more like Radiohead and make beer for themselves, not their fans.

Wait til the ESBs boom after brexit


You joke but ESBs are very hot right now


I’m not joking at all! Had a ton in Asheville and the American side of the industry is going nuts for them. They just don’t make sense here yet I don’t think. But they will