DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Well that’s the plan anyway but for brewdog? Also it’s a really vague job title/advert/event


What is that beer with the tiger on it?? It’s so cool!


Northern Monk Patrons Project Passion Fruit Lassi IPA. Heard good things. Artwork is great indeed


If you stick in Stone Berlin might give you a call… Think Mikkeller have just opened a place there too


that sounds amazing!! thanks :slight_smile:


Got it from Beer Gonzo



Just finished my tin of Sour and Death. It is insanely sour. Proper wrinkle your face sour on first taste. But really levels out as you get used to the tartness. Enjoyed it a lot


I think I’m going to go to Man City v Palace next month and try and visit the Cloudwater and Marble tap rooms. I wasn’t going to go as I went to City last year. Need to find a reasonably cheap place to stay.

I’ve been feeling pretty ill this week. I have beers I want to try but really don’t feel up to it or I’ll waste them and not appreciate them.


Yeah I’m aware of the stone/mikkeller stuff, both of which are related to brewdog’ distribution anyway. I just don’t want to embarrass myself?




I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine. You know your stuff about beer, worked in a beer shop and seem pretty outgoing which is what you need for selling.


Long shot, but the guitarist from esben and the witch (Daniel copeman, used to work in the evening star in Brighton between lps and tours) moved out to Berlin a couple of years ago. Might be worth tweeting him. Seems to be pretty involved in the Berlin beer scene. Works at Salt and Bone now


It’s one of the most sour beers I’ve had. I love a sour too, but I’m sure @nestor will agree that it’s a very sour beer


When you go in? They have the cloudwater sour or apple thingy left?


Haha, I absolutely believe you. I think I may have had it actually! I’m a little fuzzy with what I have and haven’t had, I really need to use untapped more! I always forget.

Anyway, I only really drink sours so I think I’m more used to them than some people. I love the reaction when I offer a friend a taste of my drink. it’s a bit like this - :confounded: which is generally the face I make when I try a stout or a porter.


sours are so awesome. Did a beer tasting with 13 other guys. Nobody liked the sour beer (wasn’t even particularly sour) so I got to drink it all.

And use untappd more silly.


Haha yaaay! Win! And yes, I am being silly. I will use it from now on I promise.


They arrived today so yes


That’s a weirdly good shout?