DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Obviously yes please :blush:


I go to Manchester quite a bit as a mate lives there. He has kids so I usually stay here…


Cheap and right near all the decent boozers in Chorlton, including Marble’s pub which is great. Or ‘ace’ as they say up there.


I hated it but others in thread enjoyed it!


Cheers for the tip, we’ve got both Manchester City and Manchester United away in May. I’ll only do one, probably Man City.


I was a bit underwhelmed by it too actually but that can is so beautiful that I forgive it.

Worked my way through a bit too much of my haul in the one night, only disappointment was Mikkeller Single Hop Cascade which wasn’t to my tastes compared to a usually flawless series, so I guess I know I’m not as into Cascade hops?


Just spent a small fortune :beer:


photos plz


Do you like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale? That’s 100% Cascade iirc


Has anyone tried

Wiper and True - Hard Shake

Hoping it’s still on at Port Street tonight


oh really? I like it sure but there’s obviously way better out there. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve had plenty enjoyable Kernel cascades so IDK


Called in brewdog, so will do when I’m home.

Then just seen good spirits have some Tool in too.


aye, the Sur Sorachi (any good @badmanreturns?) and those wee session cans. I’ve not got round to them yet because I’m trying to not blow my last pay cheque for the forseeable all at once…


Milk Shake is lovely, so I’m sure Hard Shake is at least as good.


yeah I’ve had the Sur Sorachi and the Sur Citra, both v. nice


The Sur Citra is indeed very nice.
I’m doing a beer shop tonight so I may grab the Sorachi.

I’m picking up my Hop Candy. They’ve also got Burning Sky Arise on tap again which I love.


Might get my first growler this evening. Seems like most of the chat in this thread is bottle/can centric. Do people regularly refill too?


I don’t. I like variety, so never fancy having a litre or more of the same thing knocking around. I’ve done it before when it was the only way of getting something specific, but have never got into the habit of it. Maybe if I lived near a brewery that released exclusive stuff that way, but otherwise I don’t see the need.


Used to, but I live in a beer backwater so don’t really have the opportunity anymore


I got one only yesterday, mine is a smaller 750ml one though


I think mine will be a litre, which I’m fine with though you definitely want something more sessionable rather than anything too brutal. Tomorrow is a double header game day and I’m making hot wings, so a litre wont hang around long.