DiS Beer Wankers 2.0




These haul pics have reminded me I’m going on a long train trip on Sunday (well, three hours all in), so I can buy some TRAIN BEERS.


had the double chin and fantasma last night, both very good but not close to the v12 :wink:


let me know how those other cloudwater cans are, not sure if they’re worth the money yet


Will do. Also 6 degrees north has decent tap list this weekend for their birthday.


I wasn’t that impressed with the v12 compared to recent efforts, probably due to the fact it was the start of me feeling ill. I’ve had a week off drinking due to feeling crap and going to bed early every night.

Feel pretty great today though.


is that this weekend?


back on it!


I wasn’t wild about it either.


Thought 12 was very good, as per usual, but I think I preferred the heavy oat use in 10 and 11. The Birthday DIPA slapped them all around tbh.


I have 2, go the same place as sev. Also, a brewdog which fills up nearby.

Think the big one is 2 litres which I’ll fill if pals are coming round.
2nd is 750ml which I’ll fill if it’s just me.
Generally, only fill it I’m 100% sure ill be staying in. Otherwise I’ll get cans so I can drink em whenever.


speaking of, you seen Jahad has an On-licence for Grunting Growler now? And a table!


Yup. Have a harbour takeover next weekend too.


where you reading this? Can only find what’s on draught just now


It was quite busy so didn’t really get chance to speak to him properly. Though, did give me a taster without the usual, you can’t drink that (wink wink), so figured the licence had gone through.


Was on Instagram a couple of days ago.


cheers, ooh, verdant pulp!


I have a lire growler thing for one of my local beer shops - but as most of my beer buying is spontaneous I very rarely have it with me when I’m getting beer


I think some places have them on a deposit system, that way you can always justify picking one up if you’re passing. You just need to make sure you do actually return them.


yeah - you can get plastic bottles from my local as well - but they need drinking fairly quickly.