DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I don’t have a growler but quite regularly do takeaways from my beer shops in plastic 2 or 4 pint milk bottles.


clapton craft? per chance? I visited for the first time other week, very nice!


no Bison Beer in Brighton


I’ve one of their glass growlers. Cost a lot and doesn’t do anything more than a plastic one does


well they claim it somehow is sealed better - so the beer keeps longer (as long as you don’t open it). I have never tested this though.

Their loyalty card scheme means I get it filled for free from time to time

Tend to stick to cans and bottles otherwise - as filling the growler doesn’t ever seem that cheap, and as others have said you miss out on the variety




The latest haul and I’m feeling well again


Just spent £9 odd on this. MUG! It’s good but not £9 good


Marble have three bars - the Mable Arch in Ancoats, 57 Thomas Street in the Northern Quarter and Marble beer house in Chorlton. They’re all good but I probably prefer the first two. Marble Arch is just a great old pub and 57 is probably best for satisfying beer nerd cravings for trying as much as possible.

You’re probably best off trying to stay round Ancoats if possible. No more than a 20 minute brisk walk from City, Cloudwater, Port Street, Piccadilly tap and probably a few brew taps.

From memory, Port Street and Marble are no football colours.


Got a little carried away. The growler at the back is Kernel pale ale. That’s already half gone.


Which pale ale there’s about a million different ones :joy:


Thanks. No problem about colours, I never wear colours to football.


I actually don’t even know! As I say, I got a bit carried away and may not have been focusing on the details by the end. I’d say it’s citra and something.


Nice. Hope you enjoy. Had the Steady Rolling Man earlier, it was very good. Having the New England IPA now, even better, so good. Got a High Planes Drifter for later which is meant to be even better. Fuck.


Not happy with the magic rock custard pie


This is a good beer.


I’m drinking this now. It’s bloody great isn’t it.


Yeah it’s not far off the cloudwaters.

I’ve opened my cloudwater elderflower spring ale. Bit too fizzy and sweet


Yeah it’s great. I’ve got a Smash and Grab. My local beer shop owner reckons it’s better than v12 so I’m looking forward to that.


Had no idea Vocation was near Hebden Bridge.