DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I bought a glass growler from We Bought Beer about two years ago - filled it twice. Just a pain in the arse to carry round.


The shop owner is incorrect


Anyone else going to Hop City at Northern monk this easter? https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/hop-city-2017-tickets-30435405116

Cracking line up, particularly looking forward to Ale Farm and Stigbergets


I spent £33 on two beers yesterday.

Don’t. Go. To. Beer. Shop. When. Half. Cut. FFS.


It’s in Leeds over the Easter weekend.


I know it is, I’m going :grinning:


Had a can of this over the weekend and thought it was fantastic. Just makes me want to try one of the Cloudwater DIPAs more.

Also picked up a couple of the Omnipollo ice cream bottles.


I’ve tried all of them apart from the Lemon Meringue. Just can’t seem to find it anywhere.


Was down in Balham at the weekend and picked them up from we brought beer but I’d been keeping an eye out for them and this was the first time I had seen them. Got the Lemon Meringue and the Texan pecan ones.


This has made the week a bit easier. There’s Omnipollo and Dugges, as well as new UK breweries Lost & Grounded and Odyssey who I’m keen to explore more of!


Generally been pretty impressed with Odyssey but they are mighty expensive


Just had a Cloudwater IPA Secret Wai-Iti.

So, so good. Prefer this to the DIPAs personally.


This stuff. Woof.


Aye had this the other night (this Storm bird?) was rather great.

I had lervig’s hop drop sour last night which was EXCELLENT


i just accidentally stumbled onto ratebeer.com and i can’t comprehend how one becomes such a beer penoid:

“Malty aroma with caramel and toffee, and a hint of hay.”

a hint of hay.

“Poured from bottle a nice amber with white head. Aroma is cereals, green, wet bread. Taste simular. Thin mouthfeel. Fairly average.”




It’s awful, isn’t it?

“It was the mention of hay in the review that persuaded me to try this one” - no-one, ever.


Don’t be so human-centric. Horses deserve nice craft beers too.


What do you want it to say, “tastes like beer”?



Bread and Hay are pretty standard beer descriptors


As I had a day off today I met a friend for lunch in Croydon. As I was there it was rude not to pop into Freshfields.

I got these beers for £20.53.