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just so i’m clear, are you saying there isn’t a midpoint between ‘tastes like beer’ and ‘hay and wet bread’?

i knew this would bring the beer penoids out


is the bread always wet?


What would that midpoint be? “Fruity”? “Bitter”? Is “floral” a acceptable, or is that too far?

Beer is a complex drink and there are a myriad of flavour compounds and respective associations that go along with that. That’s why people in this thread enjoy drinking different beers. Even if you’re not specifically picking them out or able to name them, they make it what it is. Seems silly to criticise someone for picking out hay as a flavour descriptor, it’s not like they wrote “it’s like a long-ago childhood spent playing hide and seek in a hay loft”.


heading up to York tonight for the first time in years. any new places to check out other than old favourites like Pivos?


what does hay taste like?


What does garlic taste like?




do you personally eat an equal amount of garlic and hay?



But my point was that hay tastes of hay. It’s not about comparing it to something else. I have smelled hay. I have eaten foods cooked in hay. I have drunk beer made with hay. And I can detect a hay-like flavour in other beers.


classic straw man arguement


do you reckon that description means anything at all to most people though? i mean i know it’s posted on a website to be read by other penoids but still, not sure how anyone can read this stuff and not find it embarrassing.


Maybe it wouldn’t ring a bell for a lot of people, but like you say, it’s not like it’s on a promo label on a Tesco shelf.

I don’t think being into the penoidy end of beer appreciation is any more embarrassing than any other subject of interest, but that’s just me.


Today’s haul


Hey, wankers this is bloody good


pavement vaults is new and run by the same people i think


Finally having a marmalade on rye, it’s good!


Couple belters here lads


Said it before, and I’ll say it again, Burning Sky are bloody amazing.


They are really good aye, never been let down by them

Next up:


Yeah I love Burning Sky. Definitely one of my favourite breweries although Verdant are probably my favourite at the moment.