DiS Beer Wankers 2.0




Vocation are probably my favourite.


Excellent glass!


Anyone been to the verdant brewery? They have a tour/taproom? Will be down in Cornwall in May.


Thanks I stole it from Nippon kitchen in town


Drinking a Make Apple Pie Great Again. It really does taste like apple pie. Not sure that’s a good thing…


Had a wee taster of it at my growler place, was awesome but went for men who stare at oats


I liked it but not sure I could drink more than a couple. Tasted really cinammony to me.


A couple?! Half a can was plenty for me.


How was it? I really want to try this. I mentioned it to my local beer shop last week but I’ve not heard anything yet.


Stone Cali-Belgique IPA is good :+1:


It tastes exactly like apple pie. Hard to know what else to say. A love it or hate it beer I reckon.


I do want to try the apple pie one but I meant Men who stare at oats.

Speaking of which on some Facebook beer forum that I read some people blend beers. Which seems the highest form of beer wankery?

Someone blended The Apple pie and Magic Rock Custard pie. Thoughts on this practice?


I’ve not really partaken myself (aside from DIPA 4 and 5, where it was encouraged), but I can see how it might work in some cases. Feels like a bit of a waste though, I’d have to be in the right set up with enough samples to make it worthwhile.

When I went to Prague I was interested to see that mixing pilsner and a dark beer was pretty common, went in one bar and loads of locals were doing it, guess it’s just like a black and tan or similar.


Haven’t had it yet, will report back x


Pretty sure, brewdog in Leeds were trying to make beer cocktails a thing a year or so ago.

Also, my Uncles from near Liverpool often drink a pint of ‘mix’ which is half a bitter with half a mild.

Personally, would rather just have one beer a time.


It is good but man it is OATY. Maybe should have got the apple pie


I do this when I’m at a Youngs pub - usually a Ram and Special or a pint of Mixed. Did it on Friday in fact. Their beer is pretty bland though so it works, and I just like the ritual. Feels old school.


Anyone up for this?


Drank this the other day


Quite intrigued by one of the reviews thought it was more on the caramel/vanilla side than the fruity side, highly enjoyable either way.