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loooove De Molen


Heady topper and focal banger on keg all weekend. Omg


Say whaaaaaaaaat




Drinking this now and I love it. It’s incredible! Totally get that it’s going to divide people though, and there’s no way I could drink more than one can.


They do, haven’t been personally. Facebook says Thursday - Saturday as a taproom, Monday - Wednesday for off sales during the day. They seem to be next to Black Rock, whose stuff is pretty decent from what I remember of it.

Mono, Hand and Beerwolf Books are my favourite places to drink in Falmouth, plus this post on Boak & Baileys blog has a good list of some others, even if it’s a few years old.


Today’s haul;

Tiny Rebel - Clwb Tropicana
Verdant - Headband
Unity - Coalescence (newish brewery based in Southampton, heard good things about them)
Buxton/Stillwater - Subliminal Imperial Stout
Kernel - Nelson Sauvin IPA
de Struise - Pannepot (2016)
Northern Monk/Siren Craft - Patrons Project 3.02 (piña colada black IPA)

Plus this months beer52 Box arrived yesterday.


Signed up for this new Honest Brew ‘Beer Bank’ thing they’ve started. Deposit £20 a month (at a minimum), and they give you 10% credit on top of what you’ve deposited each time, and a free upgrade to next day delivery (though you still have to pay for delivery).

I’ve not signed up for a beer subscription before because I always want to choose my own, but this could be the one for me.

It’s clearly working because I immediately ordered these:

Buxton v Stillwater - Subluminal Imperial Stout 10%
Buxton v Stillwater - Superluminal Sour IPA 7%
Atom - Neutron Star - Stout 12.6%
Omnipollo - Onda Pale Ale 5%
Buxton - Axe Edge - IPA 6.8%
Howling Hops - Double Chocolate Coffee Toffee Vanilla Milk Porter


Interesting. Link?



I got an invite code to redeem, and you can join the waiting list if you haven’t received one. If you’re on their email list I imagine you’d get one pretty soon, but happy to DM you with my code if you want to give it a go and see if it works.

Apparently you also get early access to limited beers and offers on special mixed cases etc.


Look at me spending money as if I still have a job… :confused:


Local corner shop selling this now


So sessionable.


Aye tis decent like


Mr Pink needs to be tried


it’s pretty fuckin great


Just got a Facebook ad telling me that Bud Light is now available in the UK… will be rushing out to get hold of it immediately.


They are pushing that hard. Anyone ever tried a Light beer? Don’t think I ever have.

Don’t mind Budweiser as generic lagers go.


Got a bit of a craving for a really crisp pilsner actually.

Might pick up a few of these from Nelson Wines on my way home. What’s everyones go to pilsner?