DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Villages Whistle is very good, so good that I choose it first when I’m at their tap room (they only have four beers so far tbf…)

Also a big fan of Pilsner Urquell.


Also, that’s a helles, not a pilsner. :wink:


also Augustiner, or Jever/Flensburger


Winchester Beer Festival tonight. CAMRA affair, but should have a solid list of beers to work my way through



Also not a pilsner, come on people, we have penoid standards to uphold!


that is hands down the nicest ‘lager’ type beer i’ve ever had. love the stuff. insanely pricey in the UK sadly.


£2.70 a bottle?

Pricy compared to a four-pack of Fosters maybe.


pricey compared to Germany. it’s like paying €4 for a Fosters in Berlin.


Ha fair enough.

This is all making me want to go back to Munich.


also you wilfully misrepresented the price by 20p a bottle there :wink:


there’s a random wee shop in Glasgow’s South Side that sells it for £2.50 which is pretty good


mate it’s all lager


Interesting, in the Google shopping results it was listed as £2.70, they must have stuck the price up!


Consider your penoid privileges revoked.


thank fuck for that


Now you must leave the thread and only Carling may pass your lips.




i’m drinking a bottle of Budweiser at my desk. longing for a Helles now.


I’ve got a can of Fourpure Pale Ale, but only because all the Pils has already gone.


Good recent stuff:

Wild beer billionaire - Top top top. Proper rich tasting.
Wild Hag irish bog ale - Like whisky, but beer