DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Had a couple of lovely beers last night at the Winchester beer festival, Wild Boys by Wild Weather/Yeastie Boys, American Brown by Dark Star, Conflux by Unity and Outlander by Vibrant Forest.

Didn’t get to try Dark Revolution’s So La as it had sold out in an hour


Ah, yes. Oh course. I should have just said ‘lager’ type beer.

Also like Paulaner. Can often get good deals in Majestic and the like. So crisp.


anyone tried Brooklyn’s new bel air sour?


I like Budvar and Urquell. I bought a six-pack of Budvar cans today. Hope they’re okay as had them before and they were a bit pallid. Lovely out of a bottle though.
Had a minging Helles in a Beer52 the other month. Tasted like warm, flat lager left in the sun for a few hours. Except cold. Horrible. Put me right off.


Think I can hand in my beer hipster / refined palate card by saying that I don’t think I’ve ever had a pilsner I’ve really enjoyed. Not had one I’ve particularly hated either - must’ve tried a few dozen when I went to Dortmund/Berlin in the summer and I think I gave them all 3 stars and couldn’t really tell the different between any of them tbh


They can only really taste like one thing tbf


These are both well worth trying folks




Shut up m8


This is lovely juicy banger


These are the beers that I drank this weekend. Good hit rate.

The Cloudwater birthday DIPA seems to have grown even better after a little while in the can. Got two left. Should I age one? How long should I age it for? Is it just a gamble? I don’t know much about these things.


I really like IPAs. Didn’t at first, and working in America where they were prevalent and they were chilled (I didn’t chill before!) meant I was converted. However, I am not keen on them being too fruity.

I tried some Brewdog Elvis Juice. 6.5%, so my preferred strength. Just tasted like Grapefuit Juice. I tipped it away. :frowning: And it takes a lot for me to do that.


I went to Beer Rebellion before football yesterday. Seems to be under new ownership, we were he only people there. It it was only 1:30pm

We had one of those three third wooden things.
I had
Siren Calypso Sour
Gipsy Hill Drifter
Fourpure American Pale

All were great although I talked a friend to get the sour too. He had his third and said it was ok but he wasn’t really a fan. He moved on to his second third and his face curdled. The first for him wasnt the sour at all it was Hophead. Stranger was the fact that Hophead is one of his favourites.

How I and the barman laughed.

Also had a fantastic burger at fantastic at Weston House, along with a pint of Gipsy Hills Hepcat and Easy Shift by Fierce Beer.

All pretty nice.


Was pretty jealous of your untappd action last night.


Yes they were really enjoyable. I was going back to the pub after football but I decided not too as we met other friends at the game and I was out voted in where to go. They went to a Fullers pub.

I noticed another new craft place in Crystal Palace/Anerly yesterday, can only have been open for a month or so. The choice looked great but we didn’t have time. Crystal Palace and the surrounding area has a fantastic selection for pubs. But very few football fans go there, which quite frankly is brilliant for us.


Beer Rebellion / London Beer Dispensary etc used to be owned by Late Knights brewery which has gone under. There’s been some financial shenanigans to keep some of the pubs open, and the brewery is back as Southey Brewing.


Just popped out for a walk and stopped off for one of these. Super crisp. #murky


Murkel means squirt or shrimp in german


All I can think of is this


Or more colloquially “a wee cute thing”