DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Basically @Unlucky is good people x


I still really like Budvar. I distinctly remember my Dad coming home with a few bottles in the early 90s that he’d got in London after work. I wasn’t drinking then, but was really interested in the backstory with US Budweiser and the fact my Dad had ‘sourced’ them like some kind of rarity.


hi wankers. anyone know if there’s any good wanker pubs in the vicinity of the barbican?


Old Red Cow is good. Very good selection, but pretty pricey. Near Smithfield.
Jerusalem Tavern is maybe a bit far but is very good (for cask)
Further still, Craft Beer Co on Leather Lane, and Ye Olde Mitre off Hatton Garden.


Old Red Cow looks perfect, cheers!


Having my final beer left over from the weekend this evening - first ever Hop Candy. Really really good.


Think the old red cow gets very busy as it’s quite pokey in there (unless I’m confusing it with somewhere else).

Sutton arms is a good shout


I had my second beer from Redwillow tonight. Shameless, the beer name that is.

Another really good fruity IPA. Not quite as good as Perceptionless but still good.


It is pokey. It has an upstairs which is ok if you get there early.

Not been to Sutton Arms in ages. Will give it a go.


I’ve joined Flavourly and The Crafted Crate recently just to give them a try and get some nice beers in stock. Enjoying it so far. They send some really good stuff.

Also just started penoiding out with a spreadsheet. No tasting notes, but capturing beer name, brewery (and country), type, ABV and my rating out of 10.


Why don’t you just used Untappd?


I don’t want to share my ratings with anyone.




Which random wee shop would that be?


Literally an otherwise standard looking offie a few doors down from the ally arms (which is maybe why) it’s in the far corner so it’s not even immediately obvious when you are in there. There’s a bus stop outside of it and it’s by that Rangers pub (forget the name, some royalty shite) on pollokshaws rd


I know which one you mean I think, it’s got a load of Irish beers as well. It’s got a really squeaky door that my dog is fascinated with.


Yup exactly that’s the one


Picked up Make Apple Pie Great Again and have finally found a bottle of Buxton/Omnipollo Lemon Meringue Ice Cream. Might crack both this evening as the weather seems particularly nice now.


Tesco has started selling Stone IPA :open_mouth:


Yeah. £1.32 a can apparently?