DiS Beer Wankers 2019

New thread? New thread.

I’m currently on a train having an appropriately themed train beer. Can’t wait to move back to Glasgow next month: been really impressed by how much the scene has begun to pick up since I moved away. Someone take care of @Severed799 and buy lots of beer from him when I’m gone please.


Drinking a Heineken ain’t i

There were people giving out cans of Heineken at the train station this evening. They were alcohol free :tired_face:

I’ll join in with this one! Can I be Devon wanker correspondent?

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The moor the merrier

see what I did there? Moor is a brewery, and this is the beer thread, hahahahahaha


Having at least one, maybe two tonight. Then just four Xmas beers left.

This is the type of Grade A content I wanted from this thread.


Gonna try cut down on being a beer wanker this year for belly and £$£$£$ reasons. Not loads though.

Went to Barcelona last weekend. Mikkeller was the best but also really enjoyed Garage and BierCab.


How wild

My pal is one of the brewers at Moor. Might see if we can arrange a DiS brewery tour sometime.


Any time between 31st July and 3rd August would be splendid!

I’ll try, but I think I’ve peaked already tbf

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Will you be doing something beer wankery?

Drinking an m&s Belgian lager aren’t I

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He will!

Big fan of the idea that I will perish if I’m not selling a beer to someone with a certain amount of time


It’s what I look for in all of my staff.


I sure will! Going to be working for Williams Bros, which is fun as they were kind of my soft intro to craft way back when I first moved up to Glasgow nearly 13 years ago.

So everyone buy more Joker IPA please (from mid-February onwards).


<3 Mikkeller Barcelona so much.

At the brewery or what? Sorry for being nosey.

I guess what I want to know is are we getting a new wanker bar or not?

I can stop buying joker til Feb and then start again, if that will help.

It’s cool, happy to talk about it! No new bar (at least not in the short-mid term): I’m moving away from the coalface a little and taking on a role with them that’s more sales/events/training/development-y.

Hoping to do a lot more bespoke tastings and small events around Glasgow/central belt, and there’s plans for some more interesting and small-batch things to come out of the brewery through the next year, which is pretty overdue.

Continue to buy Joker, just buy more of it when I’ve started as it makes me look good :+1: