DiS Beer Wankers 2019

Sounds great, sure I’ll bump into you at some Williams bros venue.

Can you ask that nollaig is more widely available and a bit earlier next year pls?


That is something I can definitely do!


I’m off to Barcelona in March, any other recommendations?



In the Beer Shop in Nunhead pouring one out for my greatest achievement - DiS Beer Wankers 2.0 :cry::beers:

Having a Pig’s Ear x DEYA IPA - predictably lovely


Beer-wise mostly that triangle of BierCab-Garage-Mikkeller that are all within five minutes of one another. Elsewhere, I went somewhere called Abirradero which was good but I wouldn’t necessarily say its worth going out of your way for (was conveniently near where I stayed though) and Black Lab down near Barcelonetta is also decent. Otherwise in a non-wanker way I like the old-fashioned dead cheap bars in the gothic quarter where you can get Estrella or Moritz or big jugs of Sangria dead cheap.

DiS has you covered more generally:

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Also dont think they have a south side bar do they?

Nope. But I’m going to be living in Shawlands, so you’ll hopefully see a bit more of them down that way at least.


I went years ago when I was less of a beer wanker, and loved all the little bars where you could get an estrella for €2 or less

I’m there for the clasico in Madrid, and looked up places to watch football, but then realised that any corner bar would be better than some sports bar on la ramblas, regardless of beer

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I stayed way out in Horta, near Valldaura station, when I last went (Chelsea - Barca champs league 2010). Went to a tiny local bar and attempted to socialise with the locals whilst smashing lager and plates of tapas/cana/whatever they’re called. Had a great night

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Hi. I’m Brandon and I like beer.


Currently drinking: Long Trail Ale (Vermont)

Pillow Fight is great. Flavourly have a good thing going.

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is there a whiskey/bourbon/scotch booze thread?

When were you last at Black Lab? It had really gone downhill when I visited summer 2018; mediocre beer and the food had gotten properly shit.

OH did you get a place sorted?

Went a couple of times over the weekend. We didn’t have any food but the few beers I tried were all pretty good and the tap list looked decent enough.


Any beer recs in any of these places? (Thinly veiled come see my band please!)

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Yeah, provisionally at least! Just need a couple of things to be tied up, but 95% of the way there which is good!

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Hop Co in Warrington is meant to be good according to some of my family who are down there, but I don’t know how much of that is having very low expectations/standards…

Dundee has 71 Brewing which is also meant to be good.

Think Leeds is a craft beer wasteland though so you might struggle there.