DiS Beer Wankers 2019


thought it was going to be a nice, hefty, malty brown ale with a hint of coffee but it really just tasted like dirty dishwater. ughhh. shame cos Gypsy Hill had finally gone up in my estimation last year.


They had a fine year by the looks of things. Again, not something I see too much of in Winchester, but make a point of getting some when I see it.


Finally had their Napa Brut IPA last night and really liked it


That the Percolator? I really liked it… tasted like vaguely boozy cold brew, and that was fine by me.


Yeah i was into it too…


This sounds like it has to be better than sticking a shot of Cointreau and a shot of Tia Maria in a pint of Guinness…


New Northern Monk box just arrived

Rebranded cans are looking good.

(Also, the weather means they’re basically fridge temperature already)


Mine was delivered at 7am this morning. It felt a bit wrong taking a beer delivery whilst I was still in my dressing gown. Some nice looking stuff in there though. I’m very much looking forward to that coffee, doughnut and cranberry porter.


Skelatory is v. nice


Do they usually come a bit earlier in the month or is it just me? Or was that for xmas?


December one was sent out early for Christmas. Supposed to be around the last day of the month.


If you get the box, and in case you miss this, Northern Monk have sent the below email this morning:


The donut shop they collabed with on the porter is worth a visit if anyone’s ever in Leeds


Awesome selection from Anchorage Brewing, those colours.

Far too much for a Thursday lunchtime of course but hey :man_shrugging:

Thursday Evening Fun

Saw all those on the menu!

Currently making a quick pitstop at Brauhaus, they have the Burning Sky peach saison on. Good stuff.


thinking of popping to the Euston Tap this evening as I’m having dinner round the corner - is it completely impossible to get in there? it’s tiny right?


10, 11 and 12 on the menu were all awesome, highly recommend you try them if you can! Yeah that one is a beauty :slight_smile:


Also work got me some awesome beers as a leaving gift. Tbf one of my ATDs chose the actual beers with the funds they gave her but still … very happy with the thought and the selection :heart_eyes:


Having a tipple on my way through hyde park


They have an upstairs bit too, so I’ve always found it OK. They usually have a lot of people standing outside though which I’m guessing won’t be the case this evening… Doric Arch is OK as a plan B now the Bree Louise has gone.

Are you going to Roti King??