DiS Beer Wankers 2019


cool hopefully i can find a spot. nah to Mestizo? seems mega pricey but my girlfriend desperately wants some tamales and they have a tamale festival (?!) on


Nearly made it through ‘Dryanuary’ so I am very excited to get back on the wanker wagon tomorrow.


restaurant fully booked. euston tap carnage. great start to the evening!


Go to Roti King!


Any of the Scottish Wankers into this?


@Unlucky @Witches @others


Went last year and Witches was there and usually goes I think. Will probably go this year but is a few days before I go to Copenhagen and my friends from NZ will probaly be here, so will need to ask them.


Fyi the maximum isnt really stuck too.


Didn’t last year but tempted this year - assumed it would be rammed / just lots of queuing but all the photos etc I saw didn’t suggest that.


There was queues a few times at some breweries like Stone and some were sold out and there wasnt that much seating, apart from outside and it wasnt that warm.


Painting a good picture here.


There’s nothing I love more than a beer festival with some aspect of ritual punishment.


But then i got pissed and I was warm enough


FYI LME we have Verdant/Burnt Mill/Left Handed Giant in over the next couple days and the Tap list is insane


I saw some of these on my friend’s untappd last night.

Hopefully you’ll still have some left tomorrow when I’m down there


Putty sold out already which is understandable cuz it’s BANGIN


That’s fine I’m getting a can of that from mikkeller next week

It was the “your imagination” one that piqued my interest


We sold out the keg of that too, but there’s still some cans


Got a magic rock/CW Big Dipper. Nice enough. Got some CW/evil twin thing after, which sounds interesting.


Had a couple of great Wiper & True beers tonight. Think I’d always unfairly avoided them due to their branding being so similar to Anspach & Hobday… sorry guys.


Found a pubnear work that sells Elvis Juice for £3 a pint (Tues-Thurs) the other day