DiS Beer Wankers 2019


My subscription seems to have fallen off my account. Wondering if drunkenly cancelled it.


Always thought the mikkeller boxes were alright value.
Then I went to a mikkeller bar

One of the bottles from the December box was £28!

The “normal” ones were £15-£20


This was nice! (?)


What the hell is it?!


This is proper good lads.


Some kind of lime berliner weisse


Finished the last of my Secret Santa DiS Keith Brewery selection @dillingerswheelman

A really good gift - I think the Larger Keith and the Stout Keith were probably the best of them. I can also recommend Rye Keith if you can find it.



I was wondering why you were checking all of those on untappd.


This might be my favourite basic/straightforward beer I’ve ever had. Just delicious, malty but bitter and refreshing. Went and bought 3 wanker beers to have to celebrate new job tomorrow but all I wanted was the crack this open instead!

Also WB choices for reference


I picked up a Fullers and Friends box this weekend. Probably going to go for the Cloudwater NEIPA first, unless there’s any gems in there I should be prioritising?


They’re all good, if a little lacking, but that CW NEIPA is not the beer it wishes it was.


Is that a year old box?

They were all fine. Nothing amazing, nothing shite


Don’t know - the bottles have a best before date of December 2019 though, so I’m sure it’s fine.


Been keeping an eye out for the new one but don’t think its out yet. https://www.fullers.co.uk/blog/beer-articles/fullers-and-friends-round-two

Its an Interesting beer to pick to talk about from Magic Rock, so curious to see what they are doing.


Be surprised if its released now fullers are Macro.

De molen got bought out this weekend too


I don’t know - if it’s been a long time in the planning they’re unlikely to pull it. I got the impression it was always about collabs rather than Fullers pretending to be a craft brewer (unlike when Beavertown got bought up)




Sounds petty to me. Have they got an arbitrary size brewery that they choose to stick their fingers up to? One pint under and you’re good, one pint over and you go swivel?

Who would call Fullers small beer?


It is petty and Chorlton are notoriously prickly, but I imagine others will be in the same boat.


I’ll take it off their hands if they pay shipping