DiS Beer Wankers 2019

I went to the Beer Musketeer in Southsea today and bought this little haul. It’s an amazing little shop.

Also bought these in Swanage.



What venue is it? Because I had two rare gig trips to Hackney recently and both venues had nice beer on. Oslo had Paulaner Helles on amongst other things, and Cafe Too had a Kernel on.

Sounds like a Grade-A Dad Day. Very jealous.

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Want the vibrant forest one with the bears just for the can.

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That was the first beer I picked up for that very reason.


This is a Tambourine Mountain by Pressure Drop.

It tastes pretty good but it smells excellent - very pineappley.


Moth club

I need to stop buying beer.


Evil Twin? That’s always way too expensive down here.

I need to go shopping again soon - I’ve got less than half a dozen cans in the fridge!

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It’s probably too expensive here too - I had a discount code for the Mikkeller site and all their prices are listed in DKK (which may as well be Monopoly money…)


Is this a widely available code? I’m on the beer mail (50% discount blah blah blah…) but there’s a few things I wouldn’t mind stocking up on!

That waffle beer geek was meant to be pretty bad when it was first released. Hope they’ve sorted it out

Don’t tell me that!

I think I signed up to one of the mailing lists last year when I was looking for advent calendars and they sent me a 10% welcome code. I was quite surprised it still worked.

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Ah! Think I found one - cheers. I really enjoyed those hop burn and brown ales when I tried them.
Bugger if that waffle stout is not so good, I have one saved up at home!

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It’s alright, depends on your tolerance for cinnamon though

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Waitrose seems to have a few new bits. Not seen these before (mate sent me this)…


You can have your travel cot back in exchange for half of those.

Do you want me to leave your share in the bottles or just lobby them into an empty pop bottle?

The later, Mikkeller suprise.

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This is rather nice!

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