DiS Beer Wankers 2019


The tweet before makes it seem a little bit less petty. They didn’t actually brew it with Fullers in the end. So it is more that they can’t call it a collab rather than won’t.


Anyone tried any Brewsters stuff?
Hard to get in London


Fuck, that Wylam/Beebliotek black IPA is stunning, so much maltier than any version I’ve had before. Easily my favourite of that style to date


Almost made a joke about pasties there but glad I saved myself the embarrassment.


New favourite beer has to be Timothy Taylor’s Landlord IPA.
Available at all good supermarkets, cant afford not to drink it really at these prices


this and Harvey’s Best have been my ale revelations in the last year. probably due in part to Matt Curtis singing their praises, along with this board being a big proponent of Harvey’s. been going out of my way to find both recently, absolutely spot on when they’re looked after properly.


Although I now see beer bloggers saying “Oh, actually Landlord is overrated, and beer hipsters are only pretending to like it because it’s old school!”.

So many amusing parallels between craft beer and music.


ha - at the end of the day, if you don’t like something, don’t drink it!


What Timothy Taylor is, is a classic “best” (as is Harveys Sussex). There are plenty of hoppier beers, or beers with particular flavours, but they’re great examples of proper back-to-basics beer. Beers that every old school brewer would have a variety of, but some brewers do a really great job of. It’s nothing to do with being old school for me.


Luckily I’ve never liked landlord then


It does seem to be almost compulsory for English beer writers, regardless of age and other tastes, to declare that Fullers ESB, London Pride, Landlord, etc. are the pinnacle of all beer when stored and served correctly. Don’t get it myself, but have no attachment to cask in general as it wasn’t really a thing in Scotland (at least not an easily available thing).


I’ll drink anything and try not to overthink it, but I have noticed that a bit of late.

Just find it funny that you could replace the names of those beers with SST releases or something - just the same kind of bores droning on about what’s best and who’s most indie. Or caskie.


The mistake you’re all making is reading beer blogs in the first place


Poor @hip_young_gunslinger


100% agree - I stopped following the beer writers I did about a year ago now. Couldn’t resist snooping around a bit when the Fullers sale was announced, but that was more to watch the beer writers tying themselves in knots to not criticise Fullers…

Have never used RateBeer/Untappd either, they just encourage groupthink IMO.


Nah - when I was in Australia Untappd was really useful. I had no idea where to start with craft beer over there. Here I know that I could go for Cloudwater, Magic Rock, Verdant, Gypsy Hill, Northern Monk or a bunch of others and know I was getting a decent beer. For each of those I might buy, I’ll also go and try some random stuff I’ve never heard of, but that’s also because I trust the places I buy from to get good stuff in.

I had no idea about Australian beers, or what kind of stuff was in the shops / supermarkets out there.

Plus it’s nice to be social and see what others are drinking so you don’t miss out. (Although I did miss out on buying some Verdant Putty the other week)


I still follow a few. Quite enjoy the beef to be honest, and there seems to be a lot of it.

Also could never be arsed with RateBeer/Untappd, although I made several attempts.


I just like earning things for drinking


I enjoy the social aspect to Untappd, seeing what weirdos from the internet I barely know/have never met have been drinking.

On a more srs note, it’s really handy for checking out pubs in unfamiliar areas or places to buy beer from. Or beers you have had before, If you’re somebody who doesn’t like repeating beers.

What it is bad for is an actual realisation of how expensive beer is as a habit/hobby


oh you stirrer