DiS Beer Wankers 2019


Golden Best>Boltmaker>Landlord

Fezziwig Porter is shite too.


Mini-meat in London for people not going to Manchester…
DarwinBabe, myself and whoever else would like to join are going to the Beer Merchants Tap (@Severed799 and @blind_pilot ) next Saturday afternoon (16th) for a wanker beer or two probably from about 2pm.

  • That sounds great, see you there!
  • That sounds great, maybe see you there, who knows
  • That sounds great, but I won’t be coming for various reasons

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I might start a thread if no-one sees this here…


Blimey that’s an early start :joy:


I really like Pillow Fight, what else is similar that is not flavourly?


Quite excited to try the Beavertown birthday (7 deadly sins) range. Going to the launch weekend at Merchants Tap but also preordered the cans on the website because of FOMO


No idea tbh, that was the first and only beer of that type I’ve come across up til now.


Just find their beers quite hit and miss generally. But that one was lovely


Maybe, but it’s a Saturday. I’ve got Sunday plans so heading home early-ish.
I’m basically treating it like a football day - with no football.


Shittlesticks - would have been all over that. BUT, was going to go to Merthyr and then actually, can’t do that either now.


Have a good one though.


See ya there!


Probably warrants it’s own thread, this


Well, in a weird coincidence, Saturday 16th is my leaving do/birthday/bye bye London party… at Beer Merchants Tap. I’ve got the back room booked out, so pop your heads in if youre feeling brave and/or it’s busy in the main bar!


Also, there’ll be an insane line-up of Magic Rock beers that weekend that I’ve got sorted, so that’s nice.


Tiny Rebel Stay Puft is the daddy of marshmallow stouts and widely available.


Think I’ve got a can of that stashed away somewhere as well, as it happens.


Sublime, and belies its ABV.


Just had a DH stout, always been curious about them. Less good than black IPAs tbh while aiming at the same sort of goal


Should you find yourselves in Wimborne, The Butcher’s Dog is spot on.

16 taps, lovely selection of cans and bottles too.

Half and five cans came to a shade over £20. Will picture them later.


Those marketing emails do work, To Ol.


Not wanker beer but went to the Camden Brewery earlier and had a very nice time. Unfiltered Hells was a very tasty lager.