DiS Beer Wankers 2019


Tesco are stocking a Brut IPA now.


Are they? Which one? Didn’t see it on n my big Tesco when I was in on Saturday


This one

Saw it at a Tesco Extra tonight


This the one with Yeastie boys?


Yeah. I guess they’re doing a series together? Still have a can of the waffle stout in the cupboard.


Decent Revolution spread :slight_smile: I’m at candidate meet and greet. I’m not eligible to vote but I’ll definitely be doing a spot of door knocking for them. Consider my palms greased!!


Is anyone been subscribed, or used to be subscribed to the Miikeller monthly thing? Thinking of giving it a go even if its only for a month or two and wondered if there were any opinons? Also i couldnt work out on my phone if postage is extra?!


@almal100 and @safebruv maybe


I used to be in the beer club and it was excelllent. Was mega expensive. Think its full now though.
The cheaper version looks a bit hit and miss


Ta, it looked like there was places in either at present


There might be. Im still in the Facebook group and thought i saw something saying it was full.
Postage wasnt included when i was in it but that may have changed as i left over a year ago


It’s so worth it.

It is expensive, but compared to what you’d pay separately it’s a bargain. In the December box for example, there was 750ml bottle of a brut ale which was £28 in their London bar, plus Heady Topper, Focal Banger and the Crusher, plus 5 others. For ~£70 Inc postage, that’s not bad

Postage isn’t included, it works out around £10 so the full price box is £60 plus postage.


Cheers, i’ll think i’ll give it a go once i run my stocks down a bit! Don’t get through that many a month at home, but i prefer something good/different when i do, so it sounds like it might be worth it.


You’re missing an opportunity to refer a friend here :grinning:


The good part is, you can get the first month half price, and then you don’t pay for the second box until you’ve received the first, so you can judge if its worth it or not (eg, you pay now for the march box, but won’t be charged again until April 1st)


Thanks very much, at half price i’ll definetly give it a go!
just done it…i’m so so weak!


That new Northern Monk GF ale is pretty tasty.


Any less obvious/new Manchester places I might have missed off my list?


Wheres your list?


On google maps…

Got all the obvious ones port st pilcrow cloudwater NM beermoth track etc.