DiS Beer Wankers 2019

you should! It would be about time :smiley:

Much like previously, I’ll be sat in Marquis of Granby before we play though as Norwich are on the telly this eve

I think we’re on at 9.30 though I’m hoping for that inevitable “running late” punk show gidness so I can catch all the game :wink:

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Hop Co. Is decent but nothing special. Probably the best you’ll get in warrington too, although the blue bell is a nice enough pub with reasonable cask


go to the Antelope when you play fighting cocks - it’s down the road in Surbiton

(no offence man but how did that headline band get booked on a tour, they sound like someone’s terrible pop punk band from 2003)

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Ouch :smiley:

Well I had my first time seeing/hearing them last night and enjoyed it, plus they’re lovely people, so can’t answer that, but I can put you down as a maybe tonight? :smiley:

I am supposed to be in angel seeing my mate do a ‘comedy roast’ tonight… might be worse than that band, who knows :wink:

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Of interest to South Coast types - apparently Brighton Bierhaus have started doing take out cans. I’ve always been a bit annoyed that they discontinued 330ml cans of Freshman, so I’m looking forward to having some of that at home.

Interestingly, the cans will apparently be 0.9l

i’m going to be in Brighton tomorrow, have a party in the evening but figured i’d go down a bit early on my own and go to a couple of beer places

was thinking of watching the chelsea game in the Lord Nelson - is that feasible/recommended? where else shall i check out that’s walking distance from the station?

Do you need Edinburgh recs? Bannermans is right near Salt Horse, which has a bar and a bottle shop bit. Great place.

Also the Brewdog on the Cowgate is right near.

nah to be fair I know Edinburgh/those places well enough already, as you’d probably expect

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The Lord Nelson is alright if you fancy a pint of Harveys, but it’s a funny old pub. There’s a bit out the back like a bad garage extension, and they took over the shop next door and that half of the pub feels terribly soulless.

If I was going for a drink near the station, it would be to the Prince Albert, for some Burning Sky, or maybe Idle Hands, who are new-ish and have a great craft range. That said, it’s only six or seven minutes walk down to the Basketmakers, which is the best pub in Brighton.

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There’s a couple of decent bars on King Street in Bristol - Small Bar, King William Ale House & The Beer Emporium (They do cracking pizzas here too!)


yeah I’m keen to explore Bristol a bit more as the two times I’ve went I’ve only had time to play shows. Extra points if anywhere will also be showing NFL playoffs?

Oooft doubt any of those above will be showing the play offs - not sure if any of them even had telly’s tbh! Another two places to tick off in Bristol would be Wild’s taproom (though I’ve not been) and Bristol Beer Factory’s place. OH and Christmas Steps is ace too - had a load of Moor stuff on cask when I was there in the summer.

They’ve been doing that for over a year. Think they’re 50% off if you buy 6

Well, they only just mentioned it on Facebook, and I’m sure I’ve asked about takeouts before:

Ah, they’re crowlers (like growlers but in a can). Thought you meant take out tins

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Maybe they have done tins, just never the stuff that I wanted to buy

Yeah, the tins they sell in the bar you can buy 6 of and save 50%. Good offer. Those crowlers are spanking new.

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Haven’t had a beer since Sunday (had a shitty cold). Think I’m going to hold off tonight too.

I do quite want one. But I think I’ll regret it. Urgh.

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