DiS Beer Wankers 2019


Maybe they have done tins, just never the stuff that I wanted to buy


Yeah, the tins they sell in the bar you can buy 6 of and save 50%. Good offer. Those crowlers are spanking new.


Haven’t had a beer since Sunday (had a shitty cold). Think I’m going to hold off tonight too.

I do quite want one. But I think I’ll regret it. Urgh.


Had a 9% Beavertown Spresso Stout this evening. Once my eyes had gone through their 360 swivel at the first taste, it settled down nicely.


Tis a fine beer tbf


@hip_young_gunslinger was it you asking about the friends and family beer festival? Session 4 (Saturday evening) has sold out btw.


Haha fuck, was going to wait until payday on Wednesday, ah well.



Went a bit OTT and tried 15 beers on Thursday, mostly Wild or sour based. Highlights were Ninkasi (delicious alcoholic apple juice), Winter in the Tropics (a real good sour), BABS (very interesting blended stout, some crazy flavour notes coming through) and Tool’s bourbon Maelk (rich as fuck).


Can buy big bottles of this in 'trose for £7.50 I think


The Sumerian goddess of beer FYI, I did a google.


Just gave my second ever 5* on Untappd. Special edition port-infused plum porter from Titanic. Incredible stuff


@rich-t went in the meanwood brewery on Saturday but they didn’t have any of there own beers on, bit disappointing.


What’s that about??? Weird


Think they have only a very small capacity atm and they sell out quick (which I guess is a good sign) had a good 10 lines of stuff though.




I hope there’s no truth in this but Kris Wines might have been displaced by a Co-op branch. At any rate, the last time I went past they were still empty retail units and looked like no work had gone on there for ages.


I was in Stamford exactly one week too early.

For nice beer, go to The Copper Room.


Can’t remember who was asking about good gf beers in the old thread, but Northern Monk have announced a gf beer as an addition to their core range :+1:


was @jaguarpirate iirc