DiS Beer Wankers 2019


Which of these shall I crack open tonight lads?

  • Gypsy Hill Wader NEIPA
  • Northern Monk Jungle IPA

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Left hand giant pistachio and honeycomb milk stout


Really good this


Yes. Yes it is.


I’m solo parenting tonight so just sticking to one. The people have spoken - I’ll have the Gypsy Hill later this week.


Cracked the Jungle one myself this evening. Far too actually-fruity for me.


I thought it was delicious. I could have easily had two or three more.


Not as good as I was hoping tbh, though it was the third beer of the session so maybe an unfair judgment.

Also some of the Omni etc beers have ruined me. Any stout under about 8% feels thin now …


Went to the Manchester winter beer fest today, tiny Rebel had a hazelnut stay puft on cask

Yeah, that was good


Anybody going to the Cloudwater Friends & Fam fest on the Friday night? Volunteering the Sat night and just realised I don’t know anybody going on Friday night for my free sesh! @safebruv


Still really want to try imperial stay puft…


Norhtern monk for the drew millawrd art :heart:


Finally having a glass of Lost & Groundeds Keller Pils. It’s bloody nice I must say.


Few blokes in here chatting about amending Untappd ratings. Quite unusual to see these folk out in the wild.


So St John At Hackney brewery (who are next to The Experiment in Hackney) came up as ‘best new greater london brewery’ on RateBeer’s list this year, so I’ve just popped in - always used to walk past it on the way to the Experiment before tbh as it looks like a wanky bar rather than a brewery but it’s actually very nice in here and their new Mare Street Mosaic is very nice. Will be back in future.


Still can’t believe they’re running with that name


Ha - it’s not great - and seemingly nothing to do with the actual church?


I find Keller Pils to be a very changeable beer, which I think they’ve admitted to - I like it, but have found it on occasion to be a bit too earthy / herbal.


The church, the famous restaurant, or Hackney Brewery… all of whom I imagine aren’t best pleased.