DiS Beer Wankers 2019


That’s the first time I’ve had it, but have heard that it can vary a lot.

Just been in Czech Rep drinking a lot of unfiltered Bohemian lagers and have had a hankering for something similar since, and it really hit the spot. Who else is doing similar stuff over here?


Heard good things about Bohem though I haven’t tried them myself. Would’ve recommended Villages Whistle Pilsner but had a bad version on draft recently.


Oh yeah, keep meaning to check out Bohem. I used to live in Wood Green not far from where their tap room is (was?). Don’t think I’ve ever seen it for sale anywhere though… Will give Whistle a go. Cheers.

Have you tried the And Union unfiltered lager?


not a pilsner but the best lager i’ve had recently was the Donzoko Northern Helles. seems to be on tap a few places including the Pembury Tavern recently.


Ah, nice. I’ll keep an eye out. Well overdue a trip to the Pembury Tavern. Not been since it reopened.

That can looks quite familiar…


I had some of that the other week. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but maybe I was just drinking it too cold.

I had their black lager the other day, which I thought was far better than it’s untapped rating


Mentioning the Pembury Tavern reminds me that Five Points Pils isn’t bad at all


this reminds me, i went to the (newly reopened?) Griffin in Shoreditch the other day with a couple of guys who don’t really drink anything but lager - i was telling them that almost 10 years ago it was the first pub i ever drank pints of Sierra Nevada in - got there and they had Augustiner Helles on tap. I was like ‘this is the best lager ever! you guys have to try it!’ - anyway it came out pretty warm and one of my mates told me it just tasted like shit lager. i looked very stupid and felt a bit sad.


Haha - I remember years and years ago, somehow I managed to persuade one of my lager drinking friends to come along to the Great British Beer Festival, under promise that there would be lager there. We arrived and I sent him off to the international stall, and he came back with a dark lager. I don’t think he finished his drink, and he went and sat in the pub next door for a few hours until we came out.


I remember going one year with a mate who sounds similar to yours. The permanent bars in Earls Court were still open and selling the usual beers they’d sell at gig or whatever. It was super expensive though so he popped out and reappeared 30 mins later with a bag of cans that he’d smuggled in.


Shame it was warm obviously, but interesting to see it on at a few places at the moment! Well, there and the Exmouth Arms.


Honestly I reckon for a regular Stella drinker, Augustiner really would taste fucking alien. Went to Munich in December, and after getting up at 5am, getting to the airport, getting into town etc etc, arriving at the bierkeller and getting a half litre of Helles and taking that first swig - I was expecting instant clean refreshment, but you forget how complex and layered it is.


Bath Sulis (£7 for 6 330ml tins) on the 2 for £9 offer in Tezzas




Thought that said 18.5% on the can :rofl::rofl:


Had the North Riding Brewery Fudge Brownie Stout over the weekend and it’s absolute divine.


I think I had this last night (the memory is hazy)

I definitely intended to





Be a real shame if they do a Youngs.