DiS Beer Wankers 2019

Going to see WH Lung at Heartbreakers on Friday if you fancy it?

Working until 9, so no, not then. But that’ll be fun

Oh, i shall pick one of those up if they hang about, any idea whats in the summer box?

Hiver, clwb Tropicana, an and union beer, some sort of gose (possibly from Allendale maybe), fourpure easy peeler maybe. Did have a look, but didn’t pay too much mind.

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I feel I should clarify that me using a bottle shop more isn’t like a reaction against tesco, or anything to do with them really

I just found a good one online, premierhop

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Only picked up a couple of things in bottle shops lately, but that’s mainly cos of my ludicrous backlog from buying loads before Christmas + multiple Northern Monk boxes + that big Honest Brew order where Yodel messed me around for ages.

Think I’ve still got about 30 beers between my place and my girlfriend’s. Ridiculous.

Still interesting to know. I had to drive across town this evening to pick up some shite off eBay, and passed a place called Micro Beers that’s caught my eye before but I’ve been with my wife or son so couldn’t stop. Perfect opportunity to drop in but I thought “Ah - Waitrose might have the Keller Pils in now. I’ll just pop in there”. Which is a bit sad.

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I think the thing with me is that I always want something new

So after tesco got this new range in, after a few weeks, other than luminance I was kinda bored.

Interested in that fullers box, though waitrose is a bit of a mission for me

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Hit the 1000 on untappd on sunday evening. Would have been a surprise, but a mate pointed out I was on 999 just after the pub closed.

Had a lovely can of Loka Polly the next night. Then celebrated with my bottle of Maiden by Siren which I thought was great.

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New Ghost Whale mailout (titled “we’re crowdfunding!”) throwing some shade:

Nah, we ain’t crowdfunding. Don’t be silly! As people who have been daft enough to throw money at crowdfunders ourselves, in the past, we can speak from experience: it’s currently a shitshow lol!

Unless it gives you, as a customer/‘investor’ (inverted commas for a reason), loads of free beer just don’t bother doing it.

All jokes aside we are currently - with the proliferation of businesses that have gone through crowdfunding and then have either run into troubles or gone into administration - deeply skeptical of the craft beer industry’s usage of the crowdfunding model. Whilst we wholeheartedly understand and accept that your ‘capital is at risk’ with these offerings - personal opinion here is that asking for a large chunk of money in return for, at best, a very small percentage of ownership of said business is beginning to quite often reek of simply wanting free money to prop up an ailing business. Many of these recent failures probably add weight to this argument.

If you believe an injection of cash is the way forward to grow and expand your business, due to demand or perceived opportunity, then go to: the bank and prove your case; or your great-uncle; or that customer who is a mega fan of what you do and is mad rich or something. Get a loan. Or - shocking idea - save the profits from your flourishing business and reinvest them? Who knows - maybe we are missing something, there are after all some success stories too.


Presume this is inspired by Redchurch (which a few days ago phoenixed into a new company, wiping out the shares owned by crowd funders)

The only crowd funder I ever backed was the Beer Merchants Tap, and that was because £50 in gave you £100 bar tab, which has proven to be fucking excellent value.


I hadn’t heard about Redchurch. I read it thinking more about “equity for punks” :face_vomiting:

Has there been any successful (for the punter) crowdfund effort? I heard Camden funders got 70% return because they sold right after… BrewDog just seems like a big fan club, I guess you can milk your discount in the bars and stuff to make it worthwhile but it must take some doing, is there any proof that the shares are worth anything though?

The Bottle Shop is surely the big one this is aimed at

Redchurch was pretty big news this week, especially since their attitude to their funders was so appalling (whoopsie! don’t worry though, we still have jobs!)


Didn’t they offer to buy them back for a slight increase in value in 2015 when they had that big American investment? I got four cans of Hazy Jane for not selling.

Depends when you invested in Brewdog - there have been a couple of share sales since I invested in 2015, the latest one would have gotten me 3 x my money back had I sold (which I didn’t do). Anyone who bought in at the first round would have made over 20 times what they put in.

Minimum investment for Brewdog at the moment is £25, not too hard to make that back if you go into the bars anyway. Camden was the most obvious success from a financial POV - can’t think of anything else that’s generated much of return.


Finally found a Waitrose with the L&G Keller Pils. Bought a few cans as well as that 2.9% Northern Monk number which is lovely and might become my new midweek tipple.

The Keller Pils was lovely. Wife taken quite a liking to it too.

Striding Edge is good


That’s the one. Lovely.