DiS Beer Wankers 2019


FFS, days after I was praising Fullers for their craft credentials.


Do you have any bottles of Vintage Ale still knocking about?


Two bottles each of the 2015, 16, 17 and 18 I think.


Just went to grab a few of the '18 but they’ve all gone. Probably a good thing to hang on to!


I feel I’ve still seen them round in a few Waitrose, I’ll give a shout if I see any.

I actually got mine this time from Wholefoods in Kensington, they were a few quid cheaper than Waitrose (and have an amazing beer selection generally).


Ah fuck. Never mind the beer, I hope they don’t mess with the pubs.

If they sell off the Basketmakers, I’m kicking off.


Anyone know if their pub business is separate from the brewing business?


Clearly says on the article Fuller’s will be concentrating on their pub and hotel business. So I’d be very surprised

Also found out a couple of weeks ago, slight tangent, that Dark Star no longer own the Evening Star, the other 2 pubs they had


Yes, they’re keeping the Pubco entirely separate, the brew co is what Asahi takes over. There’s a larger question about how good the pubs will remain to be if the beer they rely on is now effectively brewed by someone else though…


I’d like to imagine they’d leave the operation as it is, but would not be surprised if the brewing operation changed


It’ll probably impact their London pubs more. I’ve never bought a pint of Pride in the Basketmakers (or the Charles Napier, or Grand Central for that matter).


My Dad is fuming about this.




Only had one IPA over 8.5% that I actually enjoyed, the rest seemed to alcoholic basically. That said I’m at an Eviltwin takeover tonight where there is a a few 10%s and 13%-er so I’ll definitely get to test my theory fully …


Then youve not had enough IPAs over 8.5% :wink:


The Tool lychee 9% DIPA was delish, that’s it though :man_shrugging: Any recommendations?


Verdant’s See The Physics is the best straight-up one I’ve had.

Also remember enjoying Siren’s Beast From the East which was like 11%


Had the Siren Kentucky Tickle Monster which was 16.3% (a TIPA, so depends on if that counts as an IPA in yr world, it does in mine)


Can’t think of ones in consistent production
North x het uil
Magic rock human cannonball and variatipns
Half acre - deep space
Evil twin Molotov cocktail.


Brighton wankers, is anywhere good down Hove way?