DiS Beer Wankers 2019

Well I made it to the nearest place at least hah


Head to the Old Fountain by Old Street station if you’re that close too


Skulked back into my local beer place after a sordid couple of months with Tesco and Waitrose. This Cloudwater one was amazing. SO ZINGY.

I haven’t been in the UK for long but Cloudwater are sinking. Rising prices, using hop extract and confusing packaging/beer naming (at least for bottle shops) has left a bad taste in my mouth. I would have loved to travel to Manchester to go to their taproom because apparently they were casking,but alas I will only judge on their overpriced cans.

It left a nice taste in mine!

Hmm. Not sure those are entirely fair criticisms. In terms of price, they’re still pretty clearly lead by ABV, so their DIPAs are very expensive, IPAs less so, pale ales less than that… of course they’re all A LOT in absolute terms compared to Stella or what have you, but I don’t think they’re wildly out of whack compared to similar breweries - Northern Monk, Wylam, Burnt Mill, Verdant etc are all the same. It’s the going rate for quality these days.

Hop oil? Perhaps, but they never mislead, they’re very open about ingredients / processes on all of their packaging.

The branding I agree is confusing, think they’ve lost the plot a bit with the permanent seasonal nonsense, but it’s so rare to get a bad beer by them I’m happy to drop in and it every so often and just see what’s available.


Can’t decide which of these is my favourite recent Cloudwater name





Yep I know quality costs - but I’d rather sink coin into a nice Verdant or Deya than a similarly priced Cloudwater any day. I am having some of their cask bitter now, to be fair, and it’s very enjoyable

so any of you lot coming to our party this weekend? tickets still available should be much fun


Really wish I could have made it back down for this. Send some lovely lambic up to me plz?

I imagine Alex has already drunk all of it

Send him up with double the amount he normally drinks on the train, and I might manage to get a bottle out of it.

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got it

The NM tropical milkshake IPA is pretty great, nicely tart to balance the sweetness :ok_hand:

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Father’s Day haul!


Bought half of these for my old man. Was about to delete my account

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Nice - can you let me know if that NM Ramen Patrons Project is any good.
Got to say the picture, especially the egg, really puts me off every time I look in my fridge.
Love ramen. Love eggs. But on a beer can… :nauseated_face:

Very nice spot here mates


Viva Espana! (Went to a couple of craft beer places but I’m all about these novelty lagers tbh)